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Dr. Darrel Manitowabi

                Dr. Manitowabi’s current research interests include:

                        • History of Indigenous health,
                        • Traditional medicine,
                        • Social determinants of health,
                        • Gambling and
                        • Medical anthropology

                      Dr. Manitowabi is currently seeking graduate students. Students interested in working with Dr. Manitowabi should email him with their CV, writing sample, and a summary briefly indicating the ways in which they believe their research interests align.

                      Funded Projects

                      2020-2024. Maar, Marion et al. (with D. Manitowabi). A First Nations Community Response to Support Recovery from Opioids: Integrating Cultural and Land-based Practices with Clinical Approaches. Principle Investigator: Marion Maar, Co-Principle Investigator: Darrel Manitowabi et al. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Amount: $466,651.

                      2019-2022. Williams, Robert et al. (with D. Manitowabi). Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada: A National Study. Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. Principal Investigator: Robert Williams (University of Lethbridge) Co-applicants Dr. Carrie Leonard et al. (with Darrel Manitowabi) Amount: $1,273,687.

                      2019-2021. azhen giinawaa mazinibii’iganan: Repatriating Indigenous Children’s Artwork in Anishinabe & Algonquin Territory. New Frontiers in Research Fun — Exploration Canada. Principal Investigator: Dr. Celeste Pedri-Spade (Laurentian). CoInvestigators: Laura Hall (Laurentian), Darrel Manitowabi, Andrea Walsh (U. Victoria), Demetra Christakos (Art Gallery of Sudbury), Mary Pheasant (Wiiwemkoong Unceded Territory), Pamela Toulouse (Laurentian), Joey-Lynn Wabie (Laurentian), Anong Beam (Ojibwe Cultural Foundation), Lewis Debassige (M’Chigeeng First Nation). Amount: $248,682

                      2018-2020. Starting on a healing path rooted in First Nation cultural and clinical approaches to Opioid Replacement Therapy: Minobimaadiziwin after Addiction. CoInvestigator with Dr. Marion Maar (Northern Ontario School of Medicine). Amount : $150,000.

                      Relevant Publications

                      Manitowabi, D., Pheasant, M, & Walsh, A. 2020. Anishinaabe Binoojiiyak Gii Mziibiiganak: A Case Study of Decolonizing An Indigenous Children’s Art Archive. First Peoples Child & Family Review 15: 2 (In Press).

                      Cornect-Benoit, A, Pitawanakwat, K. Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory Collaborating First Nation Community, Walker, J., Manitowabi, D. & Jacklin, K. 2020. Nurturing Meaningful Intergenerational Social Engagements to Support Healthy Brain Aging for Anishinaabe Older Adults: Nakaazang Wenjishing naagdawendiwin nji gechipiitzijig Anishnaabek. 2020. Canadian Journal on Aging 39(2): 263-283. DOI : 10.1017/S0714980819000527.

                      Hilbrecht, M, Baxter, D, Abbott, M, Binde, P, Clark, L, Hodgins, D, Manitowabi, D, Quilty, L, Spangberg, Volberg, R, Walker D, & Williams, R. 2020. The Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling: A revised framework for understanding gambling harm. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. Journal of Behavioral Addictions Advance online publication. doi:10.1556/2006.2020.00024

                      Bennett, Beaudin; Maar, Marion; Manitowabi Darrel; Moeke-Pickering, Taima; Trudeau-Peltier, Doreen; and Trudeau Sheila. 2019. The Gaataa’aabing Visual Research Method : A Culturally Safe Anishinaabek Adaptation of Photovoice. International Journal of Qualitative Methods 18:1-12.

                      Manitowabi, Darrel and Marion Maar. 2018. “We stopped sharing when we became civilized”: A Model of Colonialism as a Determinant of Indigenous Health in Canada. Journal of Indigenous Social Development 7(1): 1-19.