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Request for Service

The ‘Request for Service‘ is Part One of your application and is an on-line form that faculty can use to request the services of the CEPD Office for the following:

  • Application review for certification of CFPC Mainpro+ (1 credit per learning hour)
  • Application review for accreditation of RCPSC Section 1 or Section 3 programs
  • Application/Program development support
  • Quick turn-around of your application review
  • Various 3rd party support services for your program when certifying/accrediting through the CEPD Office


To complete the Request for Service, you will require the following information (please do not initiate the form until you have this information on-hand):

  • Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) Chair name and contact information (*Must be NOSM faculty)
  • Physician Organization name and contact information
  • Scientific Planning Committee responsible for developing the program (member names and contact information required)
    • Must have a NOSM faculty member as the planning committee Chair
    • Must have representatives of your target audience (including one CFPC member for provincially delivered live or online programs/three CFPC members for national online self-study programs, and a RCPSC member, if you are targeting members of the respective Colleges)
  • Administrative support name and contact information (if applicable)
  • Program details (title, type, start date, location, learning hours, # of anticipated participants, delivery method, target audience)
  • Type of credit sought (Determined by your target audience: CFPC Mainpro+, RCPSC Section 1 or 3, both)

Please ensure you have the above information accessible before pressing the ‘Request for Service’ button below.





If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the CEPD Office at