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Francophone Reference Group

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is committed to meeting the needs of the people of the North, including Francophone communities. To fulfill this requirement, the Francophone Reference Group (FRG) of NOSM was established in 2003 to liaise with Northern Franco-Ontarian communities to help identify and address their needs within the development of the School. The Group, chaired by Monique Rocheleau meets regularly.  Its membership represents various sectors within the Francophone community including health professionals, postsecondary institutions, decision-makers, hospitals, NOSM medical students and residents and the public at large.

The FRG’s mandate is to make recommendations to the Dean regarding:

  • Current or future Francophone initiatives.
  • Strategies for implementing Francophone initiatives that address the needs of Northern Ontario Francophone communities.
  • NOSM activities that may have an impact on Francophones.

The FRG works to ensure that Francophones in Northern Ontario have a presence and that their interests are considered at every level of NOSM in terms of recruitment, board, staff, and faculty representation.  Of specific concern to the FRG is the assurance that future doctors will be capable of serving Francophone populations in the French language.

NOSM will continue to work collaboratively with the FRG to ensure full participation in all its activities.