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February 16th, 2022: Pathways to Careers in Health for Post-Secondary Students and Health Professionals

Details coming soon!


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November 24, 2021: Joe Pitawanakwat from Creators Garden Sessions

On November 24, 2021, Joe Pitawanakwat from Creators Garden hosted sessions for NOSM learners, staff & faculty and also an evening session that was open to all. A brief description of each session and links to the recordings are below.

Learner Session: Welcome back Joe and join us as we learn together conversation style about pain management, the opioid crisis, prescription drug abuse and special consideration of the effects of medicine in relation to Elder abuse. Discussion about the historical context of use of traditional and western medicine within Indigenous cultures; socioeconomic issues that intertwine with access to medicine or knowledge keepers. The roles of a physician in the reunion of culture or when looking for care.

A recording of this session is now available: Learner Session with Joe P!

Staff & Faculty Session: Indigenous Affairs invites all NOSM staff and faculty to join Joe to talk about Bearberry tea Binekobiinhs.

A recording of this session is now available: Staff & Faculty Session with Joe P!

Community Session: Addictions Medicines & The Teachers of Responsibility: Sabe (big foot!) and Paiihns(ak) (little people!)

Indigenous Affairs at NOSM and Joe from Creators Garden invite all NOSM community members to join us in storytelling around Sabe (big foot!) and Paiihns(ak) (little people!) to explore the connections between Mental Health & Addictions medicines and how worldview is interconnected in our overall well-being.

A recording of this session is now available: Open Community Session with Joe P!

October 20th, 2021: Pathways to Careers in Health for High School Students

October 20th 2021: Pathways to Careers In Health for High School Students

October 20th 2021 at 7:00 pm virtual webinar.

Have you ever thought about working in the health sector or becoming a docto?

Learn about what you can do to help create a healthier Northern Ontario.

Join Lakehead University Health Sciences and Northern Ontario School of Medicine students as they share in their journeys in education.

The Indigenous Affairs Unit has partnered with the admissions team to bring our high school students in the north the opportunity to hear from Indigenous students in the health sciences.

High school students who attend will be entered into the attendance draw for a $50.00 gift card!

To register click here.

September 29, 2021: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

NOSM whole school event Wednesday, September 29th 2021 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.

A recording of this session is now available: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Whole School Event 

Learn more about the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

September 8 & 9, 2021: Oweek with Joseph Pitawanakwat

This plant medicine teacher is reclaiming Anishinaabe names for species. Why that could be good for the planet | CBC RadioThe Indigenous Affairs Unit welcomes new students and introduces our friend Joseph Pitawanakwat sharing Creators Garden.

A recording of this session is now available: UME Oweek 2021 Thunder Bay (learners only zone: password required)

A recording of this session is now available: UME Oweek 2021 Sudbury (learners only zone: password required)

July 21st, 2021: Cedar Tea at CampMed

For high school students in CampMed.

Join Ash from the Indigenous Affairs Office in making cedar tea by the campfire at CampMed!

A recording of this session is now available: Indigenous Affairs CampMed Session

June 24th, 2021: Indigenous Admissions Stream Information Session

This session is intended to support Indigenous applicants who are interested in applying to NOSM through the Indigenous Admissions Stream. The information presented will be specific to the application for the Fall of 2022. The session will include:

  • A presentation from a current NOSM Indigenous medical student talking about their application process and what it is like to be a medical student at NOSM.
  • A presentation from the Indigenous Affairs Unit staff outlining the supports and resources that you can look forward to at NOSM as a medical student.
  • A presentation from a NOSM Admissions Officer outlining the requirements for the NOSM MD application process for the Indigenous Admissions Stream specifically
  • An opportunity to have your application questions answered during the Q & A session following the presentations.

A recording of this session is now available: Indigenous Admissions Stream Information Session

June 21st, 2021: National Indigenous Peoples Day

Photo of Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Perry McLeod-Shabogesic holding an eagle featherOn behalf of the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, please join us for a Virtual Sunrise Ceremony on National Indigenous Peoples Day.

On Monday, June 21, 2021 at 5:45 a.m., Perry McLeod-Shabogesic of Nipissing First Nation will host us from his lodge and share the teaching of this ceremony. This is a day for all to recognize, honour, learn and celebrate Indigenous heritage and contributions of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada.

Everyone is welcome, please share the opportunity among your colleagues and peers!

If you have any questions, please contact Sally Monague, Indigenous Affairs, Cultural Coordinator at

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