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Standardized Patient Program

Enhancing Clinical and Interpersonal Skills

The Standardized Patient (SP) Program offers a valuable training and assessment resource for learners at all stages of medical education. Through carefully coached healthy individuals, known as SPs, we simulate real patient scenarios, including comprehensive patient history, physical findings, and emotional characteristics. SPs play a crucial role in teaching and evaluating students’ interviewing skills, physical exams, and interpersonal communication abilities.

Advantages of Standardized Patients

  • Authenticity: SPs provide a comparable experience to real patients, creating a realistic environment for learners.
  • Availability: They can be scheduled at any time and location.
  • Reliability: SPs consistently portray the same symptoms, character, and information, ensuring stability in their performance.
  • Control: The level of difficulty, information dissemination, and setting can be easily controlled during simulations.
  • Adaptability: Simulations can be timed or repeated to create different learning opportunities.
  • Feedback: SPs offer immediate constructive feedback from the patient’s perspective.
  • Safety: Utilizing SPs ensures a risk-free environment for learners, eliminating concerns of