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NOSM’s Human Sciences Divisional Newsletter​

Spectrum can be: a broad sequence of related activities; ideas that form a continuous sequence; or, a condition that can vary infinitely within a continuum. In most modern usages of the word spectrum, there is a unifying theme between extremes. In this case, spectrum sums up the diversity of perspectives in research of the members of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s (NOSM) Human Sciences Division. This array will be captured and shared in Spectrum: Human Sciences Division Newsletter.

The newsletter will highlight some of the significant accomplishments of the Human Sciences faculty. Given the dispersed nature of NOSM’s model, there are fairly few opportunities to connect in person as faculty and administration live and work in diverse regions of Northern Ontario. Spectrum will recognize the work of the Human Sciences Division in furthering research related to the health of the northern population and to promote the social accountability mandate of NOSM.

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