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Francophone Symposium

Launched in May of 2005, the NOSM University’s (NOSM U) Francophone Symposia bring together the Francophone communities who wish to exchange knowledge and share their expertise in the field of community health and services. The Francophone Symposia bring together stakeholders, organizations, postsecondary education institutions, school boards, networks, partners in the field of Francophone health and social services as well as members of the public. These events, organized every two to three years, encourage the sharing of best practices, research and developments in the field of French language health care aiming to improve the health outcomes of Francophones living in Northern Ontario. Moreover, these gatherings aim to increase collaboration, sharing and networking, thus contributing to the development of future NOSM U physicians and other health workforce.

The following is a chronological overview of the Francophone Symposia series organized by NOSM U to date. As a result, NOSM U hopes to increase its participation and leadership within the Francophone communities.

  • 2018: Sixth Symposium: Research at the Heart of Francophone Vitality (Sudbury)
  • 2015: Fifth Symposium: Celebrating our Francophone Presence throughout Northern Ontario (Sudbury)
  • 2012: Fourth Symposium: Rendez-Vous – International Conference (Thunder Bay)
  • 2010: Third Symposium: Health – a Community Issue (Sudbury)
  • 2007: Second Symposium: The Great Seduction… of Doctors in Northern Ontario (Timmins)
  • 2005: First Symposium: Anchored within the Francophone Communities’ Reality in Northern Ontario (Sudbury)


Francophone Symposium : Research at the Heart of Francophone Vitality

The Francophone Affairs Unit of the NOSM University (NOSM U) hosted its 6th Francophone Symposium from April 5-7, 2018 at Laurentian University in (l’Association francophone du savoir) as part of their 25th anniversary proceedings, and the Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS), Laurentian University chapter. It focussed on research in the Francophone minority context, with an overarching theme being Research in the Minority Francophone Context: Widening Our Horizons.

This symposium brought together health professionals and community members interested in Francophone health. These symposia are meant to inform and promote networking within the Francophone population, as well as explore questions of importance and relevance to Francophone health issues.

Through networking, small-group work, and discussions, the delegates received an update on the Francophone component of the University and learned about Francophone health issues and priorities as well as research initiatives and projects relating to the health of Francophones in northern Ontario and beyond.

Please consult the Program to find out about all the sessions which were presented.

Report: coming soon


Francophone Symposium : Celebrating our Francophone Presence throughout Northern Ontario

From September 24 to 26, 2015, the NOSM University (NOSM U) held its fifth Francophone Symposium at Laurentian University in Sudbury.

With a particular focus on mental health and the “active offer” (ensuring that services in French are obvious, easily available, and accessible), the conference provided dynamic presentations, discussions, and a medical student-led wellness workshop. These activities focused on capacity building, health practices and services, collaborative approaches designed to enhance effective health-care delivery for Francophones in Northern Ontario, as well as community networking.

The breadth of topics reflected the diversity of challenges in the provision of effective health care for Francophone people and communities.

Please consult the Program and the Report to find out about all the sessions which were presented.


Francophone Symposium : Rendez-Vous – International Conference

Community stakeholders and conference delegates from around the world consider Francophone health.

The NOSM University (NOSM U) welcomed community stakeholders and Rendez-Vous 2012 international conference delegates with an interest in Francophone health to the University’s fourth Francophone Symposium, held in Thunder Bay.  This one-day event encouraged participants to examine current best practices and the resulting impact of service, education, and research on the health status of Francophones in Northern Ontario and around the world.

Throughout this interactive symposium, participants were engaged in group work, small and large group discussions as well as in knowledge and ideas sharing to enhance the communities and organizations they represent, whether in Northern Ontario or beyond.


Francophone Symposium : Health – a Community Issue

The NOSM University (NOSM U) held its 2010 Francophone Symposium in Sudbury on April 28 – 30, 2010.

The symposium’s general theme was Health – A Community Issue.

This event sought to move the University’s Community Engagement initiatives forward in fulfilling its commitment to the needs of Francophone communities in Northern Ontario, to examine current health best practices and services, and discuss collaborative approaches designed to enhance effective health care in Northern Ontario.


Francophone Symposium : The Great Seduction… of Doctors in Northern Ontario

The NOSM University (NOSM U) presented its 2007 Francophone Symposium, 2nd in the series, on September 21-22, 2007 titled “La grande séduction… des médecins du Nord de l’Ontario”, held at the Cedar Meadows Resort in Timmins.

This symposium featured high profile speakers including Ontario’s first and newly appointed French Language Services Commissioner, Mr. François Boileau, and Mr. Hubert Gauthier, President and CEO of Société Santé en français.

Symposium guest speakers discussed a wide range of topics related to the theme of recruitment, including plans for medical students and residents after graduation; current and future strategies and best practices to retain physicians in the North; involvement and participation to assist medical students and residents to integrate into communities; and how primary health-care models might be used to facilitate physician recruitment.

Please consult the Symposium program and report to obtain all the details of the sessions.


Francophone Symposium : Anchored within the Francophone Communities’ Reality in Northern Ontario

The NOSM University (NOSM U) held its inaugural Francophone Symposium in May 2005. The event was instrumental in responding to the needs of the Francophone people and communities of Northern Ontario.

The Symposium was organized to establish a dialogue with Northern Ontario Francophones and provide a discussion forum to learn about their ideas and suggestions in terms of guiding the future of NOSM U, which received its first students in September 2005.

This symposium is only one expression of the motivation of Francophones, and the NOSM University’s Francophone Reference Group would like NOSM U to acknowledge the political determination of the provincial government to give Francophones and the French language the place they deserve, by providing more concrete opportunities to acquire recognition and development for Francophone communities, particularly by giving them better access to quality health care services in their language, not only in major cities, but in remote parts of the province.

Please consult the Symposium report to obtain all the details of the délibérations.

Report of the Symposium “Francophones and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine”