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For Applicants

To apply for an elective at NOSM University, and dependent upon which province or country you are currently studying in, please click on the link below that applies to your specific situation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mandatory Vaccination Policy for all Visiting Learners – Effective September 07, 2021

Learners applying for visiting clinical placements: In accordance with Directive #6 from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, each teaching site will have their individual vaccination requirements, which all learners must adhere to prior to deployment for clinical placements. In some cases, a hospital/teaching site may be asking for “proof of full vaccination or medical exemption”. As such, the Community Relations Unit will collect vaccination status and supporting documentation from all visiting learners during the credentialing process of the application. The teaching site safety requirements can be found on the NOSM University’s COVID-19 Information site and is updated regularly based on the most relevant information provided by the community/teaching sites.

Group 1: Undergraduate medical students and residents enrolled at NOSM 

Group 2: Undergraduate medical students in any Canadian medical school (other than NOSM) 

Group 3: Medical residents enrolled in Canadian medical schools (other than NOSM)

Group 4: Undergraduate medical students enrolled in International medical schools (outside of Canada)