Remote Work

Medical Electives

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) provides a variety of high quality rural, remote,  small urban and tertiary center clinical learning opportunities in northern Ontario, throughout the Northern Electives Program (NEP).  NEP  is designed for internal and external undergraduate medical students and postgraduate residents to complete elective placements in family medicine and specialty disciplines. All medical trainees from any medical university in the world can gain access to northern community-based clinical learning opportunities by registering for visiting electives through the AFMC Portal.

NOSM Electives Catalogue

For elective opportunities please reference the NOSM section of the AMFC Portal for elective descriptions within all our communities. If you require guidance on disciplines and communities that offer elective opportunities, please email

Clinical Placements

Learners can expect a high-quality educational experience that often offers one-on-one individual teaching with a clinical facilitator in an exciting practice environment. Our teaching physicians are enthusiastic and knowledgeable clinical role models, who uphold a high standard of care and thrive on achieving patient well-being.

Each elective provides an opportunity to develop skills in an informal setting and offers hands-on exposure to a wide range of medical situations that are often not available in a larger urban teaching center. Each learner works closely with a clinical facilitator to meet his/her objectives, with regular feedback and evaluations. Electives are available in Family Medicine, Rural Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, as well as in many of the specialty disciplines.

Teaching Sites

During their clinical placements, learners are exposed to medical practice and lifestyle opportunities in a wide range of Northern Ontario urban and rural communities. Clinical learning sites include: Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Timmins, Kenora, and Sault Ste Marie, as well as a variety of smaller centers throughout Northern Ontario. Learners work in community-based practice locations throughout our geographical region, as outlined by Huntsville and Parry Sound in the south, Mattawa to the east, and west to the Manitoba border.

Phase 3 Elective Opportunities – COVID-19

Below are two lists of Phase 3 clinical and non-clinical elective opportunities. NOSM faculty members have indicated these specific electives are available as the re-introduction of UME Phase 3 Electives are occurring  for the 2020-2021 academic year. These are live documents and additional elective opportunities will be added once received from faculty members.

Please note: These are specific examples and NOT comprehensive lists of all NOSM electives. For a complete list of all NOSM’s elective opportunities, please visit NOSM’s Elective Database within the AFMC Portal.

Once student’s are ready to submit an elective application, please log into PaNDa and follow the Elective Application Submission process once you are logged into your profile.

I Need Help – Resources

 If visiting learners are in need of contact or support information regarding personal crisis, learner mistreatment, academic difficulty, or workplace injury reporting, please visit the Culture at NOSM page for more information on our policies and procedures.