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Faculty members at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine are working, researching and teaching in more than 90 communities across the region. In addition to their clinical roles, many are also advocating for equitable access to quality health care in Northern Ontario.

NOSM advocates for sustainable solutions for health human resources in Northern Ontario, through evidence-based strategies and health-care service models. By preparing, attracting and retaining health-care professionals, the School will improve access to equitable, high-quality health care in the North with an aim to eliminate the gaps.

Follow these NOSM faculty members on Twitter to learn more about the realities of practising and living in the North:

(alphabetical order)

  • Dr. Alex Anawati | @alexanawati
  • Dr. Michael Kirlew | @KirlewMichael
  • Dr. Lisa Habermehl | @NWOntDoctor
  • Dr. Bill McCready | @BillWmccready
  • Dr. Adam Moir | @adambluedryden
  • Dr. Sarah Newbery | @snewbery1
  • Dr. Anjali Oberai | @Anjaliwawa
  • Dr. Sarita Verma | @ddsv3
  • Dr. Barb Zelek | @bzelek

Is there someone you follow on Twitter to learn about health human resources and advocacy for equitable health care? Let us know! Follow us @thenosm and DM us. We’ll give them a follow.