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Physician Clinical Teaching Mentorship Stream

The physician clinical teacher mentorship is aimed at fostering the growth of new clinical faculty (mentees) by pairing them with seasoned clinical teaching faculty (mentors).  This stream is informed by successful mentorship programs across various medical schools, aiming to support faculty members as they navigate the complexities of clinical education. By providing resources, guidance, and a platform for shared learning, we aim to empower new faculty to enhance their teaching methodologies and contribute to the cultivation of a vibrant academic community.

The program, running from July 2024, is designed to support emerging clinical educators embarking on their teaching journey.

. Our primary objectives are:

  • Fostering Connections: Establishing meaningful relationships between new and seasoned clinical teachers to facilitate knowledge sharing and the refinement of teaching methodologies.
  • Enhancing Clinical Education: Improving the quality of clinical instruction and meeting the increasing demand for clinical educators within NOSM University and the broader healthcare community.

    Clinical Teacher Mentees

    Who are the mentees?: Mentees are NOSM U faculty who are new to clinical teaching or early in their careers.   . Participation in this program is an opportunity to receive dedicated support from seasoned mentors in enhancing teaching strategies and engaging with the NOSM U community.

    • The Commitment: As new physician clinical teachers at NOSM U show interest and apply for mentorship, we will facilitate the matching process with an experienced NOSM U faculty mentor. It is anticipated that junior faculty mentees will engage with and meet virtually or in person with their mentors for up to 10 hours of paid mentor time during the mentorship period.
    • Tracking and Evaluation: In addition to meeting with mentors, mentees participate in program evaluation to help improve CAMINO.

    Apply to become a CT mentee

    Interested new physician clinical teaching faculty are encouraged to apply to the mentorship program by completing the application survey through the provided link: Mentorship application for new faculty mentees

    Clinical Teacher Mentors

    Experienced clinicians with a passion for teaching and mentorship are encouraged to join this program. As a mentor, you will play a crucial role in the professional development of new clinical teachers, sharing insights, experiences, and expertise that are invaluable in shaping the next generation of educators.

    Apply to become a CT mentor

    To express your willingness to serve as a mentor, please complete the following survey: Call for mentors, Clinical Teacher Mentorship program