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Addressing the Gaps

New Urology Specialty Program Brings More Medical Residents to the North

A new residency program at NOSM University will help improve access to urology services in Northern Ontario. Urologists are physicians who specialize in diseases of the male and female urinary tracts including the kidneys and bladder, and male reproductive organs. The program will train residents in voiding dysfunction, reconstructive urology, oncology, pediatrics, and infertility. Many Northern Ontario communities do not have direct access to urological services. The program has a strong focus on health equity and will help residents to understand the challenges of offering urological care to rural patients, including patients in Indi...

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New Program Set to Bring More Medical Residents to the North

The new Northern Ontario Resident Streamlined Training and Reimbursement (Nor-Star) program from the Ontario Ministry of Health aims to remove barriers to training more physicians in Northern Ontario. A new portion of the program will launch on July 1 and will reimburse the costs of travel and accommodation for medical residents on elective in Northern Ontario. Data from NOSM University shows that among medical residents who complete an elective in Northern Ontario, one in five will return to practice in the North. And for learners who complete both their medical degree and a residency elective in Northern Ontario, the likelihood of pra...

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Great things happen when good people come together

A reflection on community learning experiences in Marathon  All of us can make contributions to communities, no matter where we are. Medical professionals and medical learners often have skills, interests, ideas, and energy to contribute to community life beyond what they offer in health care. This summer, Logan Brennan, fourth-year NOSM University medical student, spent two weeks on a rural generalist elective in Marathon. Coincidentally, one of the high school volleyball coaches was hosting a volleyball camp in preparation for the coming season. Logan—who has played at the varsity level and was a member of the Canadian National m...

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