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NOSM at Laurentian

Leadership and Administration

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is a unique institution defined by a commitment to social accountability. The School pursues a culture of inclusiveness and responsiveness within the medical communities, the Northern Communities, the rural communities, and the Indigenous and Francophone communities it serves throughout the region. Evidence of this mandate can be found in the School’s curriculum, administrative structure, research program, student demographics, and continuing education.

NOSM is committed to corporate, social, and academic accountability, and this is reflected in the School’s organizational structure. The School is registered as a not-for-profit corporation and maintains an independent budget, administration, and a Board of Directors, while academic affairs are deeply connected with both host universities.

The Dean, as an Academic Dean, is accountable for NOSM academic activities through the NOSM Academic Council and the Joint Senate Committee for NOSM to the two University Senates. The Dean, as CEO of the NOSM Corporation, is accountable to the Board of Directors for the organization and management of the School.

Management of the organization is the responsibility of the School’s Executive Group. The Dean is accountable to the Board and is responsible for all aspects of the School’s direction except for those assigned to the Board itself.

The Executive Group consists of the Dean, the Associate Deans, and the Chief Administration Officer. This group is responsible for academic programs including Undergraduate Medical Education, Postgraduate Education, Community Engagement, Faculty Affairs and Continuing Education and Professional Development, Research, and the administration of NOSM.