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Employment Equity and Diversity

NOSM University is committed to creating a climate where learners, faculty, staff, and patients can expect the highest standards of respect, kindness and professional collegiality and civility. This commitment is a shared responsibility between all stakeholders of NOSM University.

Following are some of the policies, procedures, and actions being taken in order to make improvements to our climate:

Employment Equity Hiring Policy

NOSM University is also committed to building a diverse and inclusive community, where the rights of all individuals and groups are protected and all members feel safe, valued, empowered and respected for their contributions to the shared vision, mission and values of NOSM University. Inclusion occurs when systems and structures facilitate full participation by all NOSM University community members and members are treated equitably for their contributions.

Click here for the Employment Equity Hiring Policy

Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy and Procedure

NOSM University is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research and to the maintenance of a learning and work environment which promotes the understanding and respect for dignity of all persons who are part of the NOSM University community and one that is free from discrimination, harassment and reprisal while protecting academic freedom, including the rights of freedom of expression, inquiry and research.

Click here for the Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy and Procedure

Respect the Difference Campaign

Recently, NOSM University launched the Respect the Difference Campaign, demonstrating its commitment to creating an environment where we embrace our differences and learn from them. Here you will find many resources and tools related to respect, diversity, wellness, inclusiveness, and social accountability.

Diversity Survey

NOSM University embraces the diversity of its staff and faculty. As such, the Diversity Survey is available for all external applicants to complete as part of the application process.

Click here to view the results from the last completed survey.

If you are experiencing discrimination or harassment and you would like additional support, we encourage you to reach out to the staff in our Human Resources Department.