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Learner Handbook

Welcome to the NOSM University!

The Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) Team at NOSM University is delighted that you have chosen to complete your clinical placement in Northern Ontario. This placement will give you an opportunity to live and train in Northern Ontario, gain practical experience, and acquire community-specific awareness and knowledge.

Your learning experience will be unique and tailored to your discipline, provide you with an understanding of the diverse geography of Northern Ontario and cultural awareness of two priority populations: Francophone and Indigenous Peoples. Students will gain valuable insight into the unique health issues, availability and quality of health services in Northern Ontario. On top of that, you will be able to experience adventures that our culture and geography have to offer.

Our faculty, staff and students work with many talented and enthusiastic preceptors across Northern Ontario, who strive to help you meet your learning objectives and provide you with mentorship, guidance, and effective feedback to help you grow as a future healthcare practitioner.

Know that you can reach out to any member of the NOSM University RS Team at any time should you have questions or concerns, either before, during or after your placement. You will also be able to provide important feedback at the end of your placement to help us improve and grow our program.

We think you are really going to really enjoy your experience.


The Rehabilitation Sciences Team