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The NOSM University offers clinical elective opportunities in Northern Ontario to NOSM U, Canadian and International medical learners. During their clinical elective, learners are exposed to medical practice and lifestyle opportunities in a wide range of  Northern Ontario urban and rural communities 

Learners work in community-based practice locations throughout our geographical region, as outlined as far south as Gravenhurst and west to the Manitoba border.  

    • Should a learner express interest in completing an elective within your community, we ask that you direct them to contact 
    • It is important that you do not confirm availability with the learner prior to their application submission to NOSM University. This may preclude the learner from applying directly to NOSM University or potentially result in a late or unacceptable application.  
    • For visiting learners, applications must be received within the applicable deadlines in order to ensure required documentation is in receipt by NOSM University.  
    • Failure to adhere will result in the decline of a visiting learner’s application.  
    • NOSM University’s Community Relations Coordinators will be available to correspond and assist in the coordination of the elective scheduled within your community.

Applications are welcome from all learners, however, they must satisfy certain criteria to enable their application to be accepted. The FAQ provided below has been created to help you navigate through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify your learner

    • NOSM learner – The learner is enrolled with NOSM University in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program.
      Exception – Physician Assistant Program offers electives which are applied to through their home school   
    •  Visiting Canadian undergraduate or postgraduate learner – The learner is currently enrolled in a Canadian Medical School.
    • Canadian Studying abroad – The learner is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and is enrolled in a medical school outside of Canada
    • International Learner – The learner is not a Canadian citizen, Canadian permanent resident or enrolled in a Canadian medical school.
    • Once an application has been accepted by NOSM University and processed the learner will be allocated the following identification codes:
          • EL-UG-Yx = Visiting Undergrad year x
          • EL-UG-I-Yx = Visiting Undergrad International year x
          • EL-SM-Yx = Visiting Postgraduate year x
          • UME-Yx = NOSM  University Undergrad year x
          • PG-PSY-Yx = NOSM University Postgrad (Psychiatry) year x
          • PA-Yx = Physician Assistant year x
          • CCC = Comprehensive Community Clerkship

Fees and Deadlines

  NOSM University Learners  Visiting Undergrad  Visiting Postgrad  Canadians Undergrads Studying abroad  International Learners 
How do I apply?  PaNDa  AFMC Portal  PaNDa  AFMC Portal  AFMC Portal 
Is there an Application Fee?  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Are there other applicable fees? (Malpractice Insurance, UHIP, Housing)  (exceptions may apply) Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
When is the earliest time I can apply?   28 weeks 24 weeks   N/A 28 weeks  40 weeks 
What is deadline to apply?  8 weeks  16 weeks  16 weeks  16 weeks  28 weeks 

NOSM University learners should refer to their Program guidelines for applicable dates.

Why are there blackout dates?

Blackout dates are determined by the host school to maximize schedules and opportunities for both the school and learner.  Seasonal holidays are traditional blackout periods, precluding learners from paying to apply with limited chance of securing a rotation, owing to leaves/vacation periods.

NOSM learners should refer to their Program guidelines.

Why can’t the dates or disciplines be changed once the application has been accepted?

When an application is made, the learners home school must verify their application including the dates requested and the discipline. The home school verification must occur prior to application acceptance. If dates or discipline are changed, the application must be cancelled, without refund. The learner must submit a new application with these changes.

What happens if a placement cannot be found?

A placement may not be secured for a number of reasons:

        • The scope was too narrow – egEmergency Medicine requested Huntsville 
        • One request to one preceptor will be made at any one time. Secondary requests will be sent out after the first is declined
        • A community agency is at capacity during the requested rotation.

NOSM University will advise the visiting learner and cancel the application 8 weeks prior to start date. A partial refund of application fees may be refundedFurther details are located on the AFMC portal.

Why is there an 8-week cut off?

Hospital privileges must be sent no later than 4 weeks prior to start date.  The remaining 4 weeks are necessary for collection of outstanding fees and documentation. 
Fees are accepted by cheque or money order, with allowance for 2 weeks delivery by Canada Post.

What happens if an applicant missed the deadline? If a learner contacts us directly what do we tell them?

Applicants must abide by the deadlines to be processed and correctly credentialed in advance of the rotation. NOSM University will not accept applications outside of the deadline. If a community or preceptor agrees to take a learner without going through NOSM University / AFMC the hospital risks exposure due to lack of credentialing or insurance. Payments for preceptors and ministry reporting are also adversely affected by unapproved applicants.

Why does it take so long to process an application?

NOSM University’s standard is to review applications within 2 weeks of receipt. Processing times may vary and are determined by a number of factors:   

        • Volume of applicants  
        • Peak rotation times  
        • Missing or incorrect information provided at time of application 
        • Immunization record reviews

Once an application has been reviewed and accepted, NOSM University will begin the process to secure the preferred discipline, community and dates. This process relies on the timely response of communities and preceptors. When a placement has been secured the collection of other documents are collected and prepared to arrange hospital privileges, no later than 4 weeks prior to start date.

What is the difference between an evaluation and an assessment?

An assessment is assessing someone. An evaluation is evaluating something. Preceptors are typically asked to complete an assessment of a learners performance. Learners are typically requested to evaluate housing units, training sessions etc.

Who is responsible for learner assessments?

Visiting elective learners must always present their assessment(s) for completion to the preceptor. The host school is not responsible for collecting or providing the assessment forms.