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Clinical Placement Resources for Residents

This resource page contains helpful information and documents that will help assist you through your clinical placement.

NOSM Postgraduate Medical Education
For additional information on evaluations, program goals & objectives, health & safety or other relevant information, please visit:

Resident As Teachers (RaTs)

As residents, you will be exposed to medical students during your training to help develop your teaching skills.  The attached document highlights key information you should be aware of when teaching medical students, here are some specific curriculum information that will be helpful to guide the teaching.

Elentra – Our New Assessment & Evaluation Platform for Residents!

Please pass this quick training link ( on how to complete assessments to the faculty that will be working with you.  Same as in the last, faculty will receive an email with a link to complete assessments you send them.  To access the Elentra platform, faculty will require their NOSM credentials.  The easiest way to complete assessments is with the Elentra app.  Should you have an troubles, please email for assistance.

2022-2023 Family Medicine Academics

Northern Electives Program

For additional information on Northern Ontario electives, please visit: