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Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) & Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP)

Current MOTP together at summer training 2019 including, from left to right, 2Lt Michael Crozier, 2Lt Phoebe Bruce, 2Lt Takara Martin, and 2Lt Bryce Knapp.
Current MOTP together at summer training 2019 including, from left to right, 2Lt Michael Crozier, 2Lt Phoebe Bruce, 2Lt Takara Martin, and 2Lt Bryce Knapp.

NOSM University’s distributed, community-engaged learning model ensures that our graduates have experience treating peoples and communities with different cultural backgrounds and languages, including those who identify as First Nations, Métis and Francophone. These skills are essential for physicians practicing in Northern, rural and remote communities as well as Canadian Armed Forces members who are treating under-served and remote populations in Canada and all over the world.

NOSM University provides training in more than 90 communities across a geographic expanse of 800,000 km2. NOSM University Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program features a Comprehensive Community Clerkship where third-year medical students live and learn in a mid-sized community. Medical students also complete Integrated Community Experiences during their first and second year, where they live and learn in a small rural or remote community. A highlight for many of NOSM University’s students is spending four weeks in a First Nations community. These experiences place our students in an ideal situation to serve isolated, rural, under-served communities in Northern Ontario, Canada and the world.


Military Medical Training Program (MMTP)

NOSM University and the Department of National Defense’s partnership currently offers subsidies under the Military Medical Training Plan (MMTP) for Regular Force Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This agreement allows NOSM University up to five (5) additional seats in the Medical Degree Program, open exclusively to members of the Regular Force of the CAF. Information on the MMTP can be found on the DWAN on DMCPG’s website.

Applicants of the CAF in the MMTP stream must meet all of NOSM University’s UME program application eligibility requirements as those applicants applying through the general stream. All applications must be submitted through the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) application. Visit the Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) Stream page for more information on how to apply to NOSM University’s UME program through the MMTP Stream.

If you have any questions about the Application Process or NOSM University’s UME Program, please contact

For more information about MMTP, please contact

Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP)

The Medical Officer position requires a Doctor of Medicine. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will pay successful recruits to complete a recognized Canadian University Medical Degree program. This program covers tuition fees and educational expenses, including books, instruments, supplies, student fees, and registration costs. Family medicine residents and students already enrolled in a recognized Canadian University Medical Degree program who successfully screen for enrolment in the CAF are eligible for this training plan.

For the duration of your studies and Family Medicine residency, you receive full-time salary including medical and dental care, as well as vacation time with full-pay in exchange for working with the CAF for a period of time. Typically, candidates selected for this program attend university during the regular academic year and participate in additional military training during the summer months. If you choose to apply to this program, you must apply both to the CAF and to the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program at NOSM University.

Currently serving Reserve Force members of the CAF who are willing to Component Transfer to the Regular Force as well as civilian applicants who have been accepted either to a Canadian medical school or a Family Medicine Residency program in Canada are eligible to be subsidized under the MOTP.

For more information on the MOTP program, please visit the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group’s website. To contact a Health Services Specialist Recruiter in your area, visit the Canadian Forces website.

For more information on applying to NOSM University, please contact

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces interested in a career in medicine should visit the DWAN on DMCPG’s website (intranet).

Visit the MMTP/MOTP Testimonials page to read about how being a medical student at NOSM University prepares you for your future role in the CAF.

Visit the UME (MD Degree) Program Admissions page for more information on how to apply to NOSM University.