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CEPD Request for Service & Fee Schedule

To initiate a CEPD Office, CFPC or Royal College application, please complete the CEPD Request for Service form and a CEPD Coordinator will contact you.

Adding Value for our Partners

The CEPD Office at NOSM collaborates with educational partners on the development and delivery of innovative accredited programming that meets the needs of all health-care practitioners and the populations of Northern Ontario.

Beyond the value of an affiliation with a credible teaching brand, educational partners benefit from their association with CEPD throughout the development, organization, and delivery of quality, accredited programming:

  • Accreditation facilitation and support in all areas of program development, begins with the guidance of an experienced coordinator that understands the policies and intricacies of the accreditation process. It also involves participation in planning committee activities and meetings, as well as identification of target audience, goals, and objectives.
  • Extensive resources and information available through CEPD play a role in informing the entire program development process:
  • Marketing support offered by CEPD includes access to an infrastructure that reaches the far corners of the North with promotion on the NOSM website, newsletter, calendar, and posters. Additional support is also available with regards to the design, development, and distribution of brochures, posters, print ads, and websites, as well as the acquisition of mailing lists.
  • Comprehensive program coordination services offered by CEPD range from concept planning to delivery, including: venue management, registration and budgeting services, secure online payments, coordination of speakers, exhibitors, social functions, and travel arrangements. Program coordination services also account for the use of broadband technology to bridge the distance between campuses, faculty, and learners with innovative program delivery options such as: podcasts, webcasts, and electronic as well as paper learning modules.