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Accreditation of Rounds, Journal Clubs, or Small Group Activities

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) have different approaches for the accreditation of Rounds, Journal Clubs and Small Group activities. The processes below have been streamlined to make the process of accreditation less complicated, and less expensive!

If you are accrediting rounds, journal clubs, or small group activities for CFPC Members, please click CFPC below for the process and associated documents.

If you are accrediting rounds, journal clubs, or small group activities for RCPSC members, please click RCPSC below and follow the self-approval process.

If you are accrediting rounds, journal clubs, or small group activities for both CFPC and RCPSC members, we recommend that you follow the processes outlined for the respective Colleges.

CFPC Certification of Rounds, Journal Clubs and Small Group Activities

To certify your Rounds or Journal Club for Mainpro+ group learning credits, please complete the application below and use the templates provided to guide the completion of the necessary support documents.

Please note that you CAN complete this application in stages, going in and out with your data saved each time, provided that you are using the same device and the same browser.

**CFPC Rounds, Journal Club and Small Group Activity Application** 


Hospital or clinical rounds are eligible for Mainpro+ certification if they are developed and implemented in compliance with the requirements for provincial Mainpro+ certification. Certification must be sought on an annual basis.

  • Organizers of rounds must complete the Mainpro+ certification application for one-credit-per-hour rounds, which requires adherence to the following:
    • The department of family medicine, Local Education Group (LEG) or another relevant department of medicine will select topics based on a needs assessment informed by rounds evaluations, regional initiatives, physician-leader experiences, conversations with colleagues, and newly arising practice issues.
    • The needs assessment is to be used as the basis for establishing learning objectives, program design, and program content.
    • The department must select an appropriate speaker or presenter as determined by the topic:
      • The department should advise the speaker of Mainpro+ certification requirements
      • Presentations must be generated by speakers, not by external agencies or individuals
    • The department will select an appropriate venue and timing for presentations (which should not be held external to the hospital or clinic unless the venue is appropriate for teaching and learning; e.g., a university auditorium).
    • The department is responsible for advertising the rounds and providing registration, including attendance, monitoring, and providing a certificate of attendance bearing the Mainpro+ certification statement, on an annual or semi-annual basis (minimum).
    • All costs associated with the rounds, including speaker honoraria and food or refreshments for participants, will be paid by the department using operational dollars, or pooled funds accumulated from unrestricted educational grants (may be from industry), provincial grants, and the like.
    • The department will gather evaluation data from presentations and will use this information to establish learning objectives for the following year.
    • Provincially certified Mainpro+ hospital or clinical rounds are not subject to session-by-session ethical review.

RCPSC Self-Approval Process for the Accreditation of Rounds, Journal Clubs and Small Group Activities

Self-approval is a process through which physician leaders ensure their rounds and journal clubs meet the established Royal College continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation standards — thereby allowing these activities to be recorded under Section 1 of the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.

  1. Review CPD Accreditation Standards for Rounds
  2. Complete the Self-Approval checklist and form for Rounds
  1. Review CPD Accreditation Standards for Journal Clubs
  2. Complete the Self-Approval checklist and form for Journal Clubs
  1. Review CPD Accreditation Standards for Small Group Activities
  2. Complete the Self-Approval (Small Group Activities)

3. Have the chair of the planning committee complete and sign the self-approval form.
4. Submit both the self-approval checklist and the self-approval form to
5. Await Confirmation of accreditation from the Royal College
6. Retain a copy of the completed forms and the confirmation email for your records.
If you are also accrediting the activity for CFPC Mainpro+ credit, it is recommended that you provide the self-approval confirmation as a supplementary document with those CFPC
application documents.

Credit Statement for self-approved activities:

The [insert exact title of rounds, journal club or small group as indicated on self-approval form] is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.