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Clinical Teaching Resources for Preceptors

Thank you for taking a medical learner on placement in your community. On this page, clinical preceptors will find a set of resources that we hope you will find helpful for understanding your role, contractual obligations (i.e., PARO contract for residents), and some tools for teaching.

All medical learners are advised to contact their clinical placement facilitator or preceptor directly prior to the start of the rotation to discuss details of the placement.

Postgraduate Medical Education

For information on resident leave requests, please visit: PARO-CAHO Agreement (

Additional Virtual Resources for Residents and Preceptors: PARO Tips – Working and Training in Virtual Care

For additional information on evaluations, program goals & objectives, health & safety or other relevant information, please visit:

Physician Assistant Program

Assessments of Student Performance

In addition to providing ongoing feedback during the placement, preceptors are expected to complete the following assessments of the PA student during the rotation:

  1. Weekly Clinical Encounter Forms (weekly, except the final week)
  2. Final Assessment of Student Clinical Performance (completed with the student during the final week)

All assessments are automatically generated from our MedSIS management system. Email notifications will be sent to preceptors, with weekly reminders to follow. If you do not receive this in your inbox, please also check your junk mail box and contact us if not received.

Stipend payments are automatically sent to Ontario preceptors or sites within 1 month upon the completion of student assessments for that rotation.

Preceptor Evaluation and Rotation Assessment by Students

PA Students are expected to complete the Preceptor Assessment and Rotation Evaluation within 7 days of completing the rotation. Student feedback is appreciated and is used for ongoing quality assurance and program improvements. Information from evaluations is forwarded to preceptors in an aggregate form, to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.

Clinical Rotation Expectations

As a requirement of the program, students must meet a daily minimum of 16-days during a 4-week rotation, and 24-days during a 6-week rotation.

Details about overall clinical competencies, rotation specific learning objectives and related expectations are available on our website and linked here:

Northern Electives Program

For additional information on Northern Ontario electives, please visit:

NOSM University Contacts

For any additional questions, support, or resources, please direct inquiries to the respective contact based on the domain of your specific need.

Learner Assessments
Please remember, the responsibilities of clinical teachers include the completion of any assessments sent by NOSM or its learners.  These must be done within 6 weeks of completion of the placement.  The most valuable part of assessment is the feedback to the learner so please be sure to set aside time prior to the end of any rotation to meet with your learner to discuss the content, complete and submit the assessments.