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What We Do

The Communications and External Relations Team leads and implementsNOSM University’s efforts with regard to all formal (or “official”) internal and external communications, consistent with the School’s strategic goals and priorities.

Our team works to promote, enhance, and protect the School’s reputation as a leader in distributed, community-engaged education and research. We strive to create communications that enhance the cohesiveness of the whole school and develop and support communications strategies and tactics that are necessary to the success of a socially accountable model of medical education.

How We Can Help You

We are here to support you! NOSM’s Communications and External Relations Office provides a wide array of services to the NOSM community. Visit our intranet site for a variety of tools and resources.

Here’s a list of things we’d be happy to help you with:

  • Communications Counsel: Provide communications counsel to the School’s Executive Group, Senior Leadership Group, staff, faculty, learners, and others engaged with NOSM.
  • Communications Policies and Procedures: Oversee these important guiding documents with respect to NOSM communications (external communication, media relations, translation services, etc.).
  • Crisis Communications: Work with NOSM administration and host universities to ensure staff and faculty receive urgent messages.
  • Design and Canadian Press Style Training: Provide training and mentorship to NOSM employees regarding use of design software and Canadian Press style requirements.
  • Development of Key Messages: Provide assistance with developing key messaging for NOSM activities and initiatives.
  • Editing: Review, revise, and edit NOSM reports and documentation for content, grammar, punctuation, style, and language use.
  • Employee Engagement: Help to facilitate employee engagement and positive morale through special events, whole school meetings, The NOSM Pulse, targeted newsletters, support of staff, faculty, and learner Awards of Excellence programs, and the sharing of employee successes.
  • Graphic Design: Complete design projects from concept to completion (branding, creative design, production and print- and web-ready files) for all official print and electronic materials.
  • Marketing: Market NOSM’s programs, services, and volunteer opportunities to appropriate target groups.
  • Media Monitoring: Monitor media coverage related to NOSM, and collect information and statistics to create media reports.
  • Media Relations: Liaise with media outlets across Northern Ontario (e.g. CTV and Northern Ontario Medical Journal), Ontario (e.g. The Medical Post) and Canada (e.g. The Globe and Mail) to build and sustain NOSM’s positive reputation across the region, nationally, and internationally. Write media releases, public service announcements, and media advisories to promote the activities and successes of NOSM and NOSM staff and faculty in print, broadcast, and online media. Arrange interviews and media conferences to answer questions from the media.
  • Media Training/Counsel: Provide training and counsel (to leadership, staff, faculty, researchers, learners, etc.) with respect to interacting with the media.
  • Photography Services: Conduct photo shoots of NOSM events, individuals, and locations.
  • Presentation Training/Assistance: Provide tips, suggestions, and design/photography assistance regarding presentations.
  • Promotional Items: Select, order, and manage NOSM promotional items including clothing, gift items, and stationery.
  • Publications and Conference Reports: Create, design, and distribute publications, reports, brochures, newsletters, and other publications for the purposes of internal and external communication and engagement.
  • Signage: Create, with our partners, external and internal signage for distributed sites.
  • Speaking Notes and Scenarios: Prepare speaking notes/speeches and event scenarios for public and high-profile events.
  • Stationary: Design and arrange for the printing of all NOSM business cards, invitations, letterhead, and envelopes.
  • Strategic Communications Planning: Collaborate with groups across School to conceptualize, develop, write, and undertake focused communications and marketing plans for specific initiatives at NOSM.
  • Social Media: Engage with internal and external stakeholders via various social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Tours: Conduct and arrange tours of NOSM at Lakehead University and Laurentian University for dignitaries, special guests, and other stakeholders of NOSM.
  • Translation: Arrange translation services for formal communications and upon request.
  • Videography Services: Design, plan, create, and edit promotional and informational videos about the School. Liaise with third parties who wish to film NOSM activities.
  • Visual Identity: Manage visual identity of NOSM logo(s) and related intellectual property (including template documents, posters, presentations, etc.) to ensure compliance with identity standards and reputational branding.
  • Website Management: Create, write, review, approve, and manage content and images on the NOSM website ( Create and manage additional websites for NOSM’s special initiatives (;
  • Writing Services: Interview, research, and write copy for various uses, including social media, publications, website, and internal and external reports.

Logos and Templates

NOSM staff, faculty and learners may access NOSM-branded templates and logos here.

Request our Services

The Communications Team is here to help! We are here to support you in spreading the word about the incredible work that you do here at the School—whether it’s promoting an exciting research project, or updating website content.

Please, take a minute and tell us in detail how we can help you. Please include any information about your project that will help us help you better, including project name, launch date, project purpose, target audience and budget. If you get stuck at any time, don’t be shy to give us a call. Online request form.