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Research Mentorship Stream (in development)

There is abundant literature on the value of mentorship in research, but the element that most informs this undertaking is the repeated asks by clinical sciences division faculty members through NOAMA – LEG meetings for mentorship in research as NOSM U develops.

CAMINO’s Research Mentorship stream is being developed in response to the increasing need for a structured, supportive environment that bolsters research in clinical settings. This stream is designed to empower NOSM U faculty members to discover and enhance research opportunities within their practice settings with an objective to encourage the exploration and expansion of research activities, connecting faculty with seasoned research mentors to foster a culture of inquiry, innovation, and scholarly excellence.

The primary objective of the Research Mentorship stream is to:

  • Enhance research capacity: Strengthen the ability of NOSM U faculty members to undertake and contribute to research, addressing the critical need for scientific inquiry and innovation in clinical settings and beyond.
  • Structured mentorship: Offers a systematic approach to mentorship, ensuring faculty members receive the guidance and support needed to navigate the complexities of initiating and conducting research.
  • Connection with experienced mentors: Facilitates mentor-mentee relationships with experts in research, providing an invaluable resource for knowledge exchange, skill development, and project advancement.

Prospective Mentees

Faculty members interested in expanding their research capabilities are encouraged to participate in this stream. It represents a unique chance to work closely with accomplished researchers, gaining insights and skills essential for successful research endeavors.

Watch this space for more information!

Prospective Mentors

Experienced researchers with a commitment to mentorship and a desire to contribute to the growth of research within the medical community are invited to become mentors. Your expertise can significantly impact the development of nascent researchers, guiding them through the challenges of research and helping them achieve their scholarly goals.