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Graduate Studies Supervisors

The following is a list of Faculty Supervisors for the Master of Medical Studies Program. Individuals will be asked to identify a potential supervisor in their application package. It is strongly encouraged that interested individuals contact faculty members (from the list below) whose research projects are aligned with their own.

Doug Boreham BSc, PhD
Radiation Biology
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Erin Cameron B.Ed, MA, PhD
Social accountability, rural medical education, qualitative and participatory research methods
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Joseph Eibl PhD
Microbiology and Immunology

Geoffrey Hudson BA Hons, MA, DPhil
History of Medicine
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Naana Jumah  MD, PhD
Women’s Health; OB/GYN

Elizabeth Levin HBSc, MA PhD, CPsych
Clinical Child Psychology
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David Maclean BSc, MSc, PhD
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David Marsh MD
Addiction Medicine
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Robert Ohle MD
Emergency Medicine

Brian Ross PhD, MEd
Social accountability, community placements, place-based education theory and practice
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Greg Ross BSc, PhD
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Paolo Sanzo DSc
Physiotherapy; Rehabilitation; Sports Medicine
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David Savage MD PhD
Emergency Medicine
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Roger Strasser MBBS, BMedSc, MCISc
Social accountability, generalism, rural health, and family medicine
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Zachary Suntres BSc, PhD
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T.C. Tai BSc, MSc, PhD
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Mark Thibert MD
Plastic Surgery

Marina Ulanova MD, MSc, PhD
Immuno-epidemiology of bacterial infections; Vaccinology; Host-pathogen interactions
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