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Research Security & Safeguarding Your Research

The Government of Canada’s recognizes that research and innovation are the product of collaborations and partnerships between governments, businesses, and academics – both domestically and internationally – across a wide range of subjects.  Although Open Science is essential for innovation and research, there are of course risks involved, including theft, interference, or unwanted transfer of knowledge and results in ways that individuals and teams do not intend. 

At the link below, you will find policies, resources and guidance documents to help you determing what level of risk your research has, how to mitigate risk. and also the Named Research Organizations that the Government has deemed as a threat to National Security.

Researchers are also strongly encouraged to read the new Policy on Sensitive Technology Research and Affiliations of Concern, Sensitive Technology Research Areas, and the Named Research Organizations that the Government of Canada has deemed a threat to national Security.

For any quesitons or concerns, or for any help interpreting the policies or other documents or resources mentioned above, please contact the Research Services Office at