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UME Student Award in Medical Education Research

As a NOSM University endeavor to support medical students in their pursuit of research experiences, this opportunity is open to all NOSM U medical students enrolled in Phase 1 of the UME program and will offer up to two awards in medical education research.

Offered in collaboration with MERLIN (Medical Education Research Laboratory in the North) recipients will receive training and conduct research in medical education as part of a Research & Teaching Special Education Experience (RT-SEE).

The RT-SEE will be supervised by a NOSM University faculty member and occur during the Summer, and one or both of the Fall and/or Winter terms. Recipients will receive a studentship of $6,600 plus up to $1,500 travel expenses to attend an academic conference at which they will present their research findings. The studentship will be paid during the summer term.

To apply for this opportunity, students should complete an RT-SEE Proposal Application in collaboration with a NOSM U faculty member (a list of potential supervisors and research interests can be found on the MERLIN website).

The completed proposal should be submitted to the Research Office ( by March 15, 2021.

Please refer to the Guidelines for complete application details and timelines.