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Spotlight on Alumni

Read what our alumni are saying…


“Completing my final placement in Dryden was a phenomenal experience. The opportunities I’ve been given have been once in a lifetime and I will cherish them forever. Every day had a new flavour and I was always kept engaged by my clientele. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else.”  

Occupational Therapy

“My experience with NOSM was incredible. They made traveling and completing a placement in a new place simple. I enjoyed my preceptors, the community, and the Thunder Bay winter. This was an all-around fantastic experience.”  – Meaghan Petersen

“My experience with a Northern Ontario placement has been wonderful! Everyone at NOSM was supportive and always available to answer questions. I felt well supported and guided throughout the process. Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing all the wonderful things the North has to offer!” –  Valérie Fecteau   

“My experience at Dryden Regional Health Centre was a unique opportunity to view the workings of healthcare and community in the North! I was provided with extensive opportunities for inter-professional learning that I would not have had elsewhere.” – Sam Roy

“Regardless of whether or not you get placed in the location or area of practice you prefer, go into it with an open mind and make the most of your experience. Every placement has something you can take away from it. Ask your preceptor to tell you about local events and festivals and really get to know what it is like to live there. Getting out and participating in the local events will make the time there go by quicker and will be much more enjoyable.” – Michelle Borgal


“My Preceptor was a very knowledgeable preceptor. She has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of physiotherapy. She is not hesitant at sharing all her experience with me. We always have very good discussions that involve best practice and clinical reasoning skills (eg. heat vs. ice). Great preceptor. She was a true mentor. Truly taught me all I know now about being a pediatric physiotherapist. Great role model in the profession. Went beyond peds and learned a lot of other skills. My pediatric placement opportunity at Fire-Fly in Red Lake was a perfect learning environment where I got to learn and enhance my skills in my first time challenging pediatric population/setting. Deanna is a great physiotherapist and role model and I enjoyed learning from her.
I also enjoyed working with all staff members/ HCPs at FireFly.”
Sandra Hanna

“My northern experience far exceeded my expectations. The people up north were so warm, welcoming, friendly, and made me feel like part of the community immediately! Both of the clinic sites I was placed at had amazing clinical instructors and allowed me to work with a large variety of clinical cases. The accommodations NOSM provided were very nice and contained everything I needed during my time on placement. I also became good friends with all three of my roommates who were also students on placements and we regularly did activities together on weekends. The city I was placed in had a lot of activities including x-country skiing, skating, and snow-shoeing as well as sporting events, restaurants, and nightlife. If you love nature and being outdoors you should definitely consider a placement up north. There was never a dull moment!” – Brooklyn Gallant

“It was wonderful being able to return home and experience what Sudbury had to offer in terms of job opportunities and work environment. I enjoyed every minute of it!” – Mikella Gauthier

“I had a fantastic experience through NOSM. It was amazing to see the diversity in the healthcare system in different geographical areas of Ontario. We were also working with school boards and in rural communities which presented new and unique challenges. Through home visits in these remote locations, it was helpful in understanding what resources were available and to better understand the social determinants of health as well as their individualized impact on each individual.” – Laurin Black

Speech-Language Pathology

“NOSM provided me with an a high-quality experience where I gained both hard and soft clinical skills in an interdisciplinary facility, and become part of a community. “

“My placement in Thunder Bay was truly memorable. The staff were very welcoming and accommodating. Also, this lovely Northern city is a great place to explore. By visiting local stores, cafes, events, and participating in some outdoor activities, I was able to engage in the community and meet people from different neighborhoods. I look forward to going back to T-Bay!”Krizia Estranero

“Loved my experience! Excited to say that I accepted a full-time SLP position at the same Centre! Thank you to NOSM for giving me the opportunity to come back home!”