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Self-Directed Preceptor Development Series

Our Health Sciences Preceptor Development Series is a twelve part series offered throughout the year with different monthly topics to help you develop your knowledge and skill as a preceptor to our learners. New self-directed modules will be published each month at the conclusion of the live session offerings. Each session is designed to be completed in 60 minutes. In addition to our live, virtual sessions, you can also participate in our self-directed modules.

For information about our live, virtual sessions, please go to our News and Events page.

After completing each session and the reflection exercise, you will receive a certificate for your professional development records.

For more information, please contact Dr. Mike Ravenek, Health Sciences Manager, at or 705-662-7015

Session #1: Proactively Identifying & Managing Potential Challenges of Being a Preceptor

Session #2: Preparing for Your Learner’s Placement (Establishing the Teaching Environment)

Session #3: Welcoming the Learner (Orientation to Site, Team, Caseload & Community)

Session #7: Learning Assessment & Evaluation (Formative & Summative)

Session #10: Fostering Community Engaged Interprofessional Learning (CEIL)