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Placement Matching

Now that you have submitted your PaNDA Application for an Out of Catchment Placement in Northern Ontario, we will seek a placement for you, based on your clinical and community preferences. As noted previously, when matching you to a placement, your clinical learning requirements always take priority over community preferences. Every attempt will be made to match you to your preferred community and clinical placement, however, due to preceptor and housing availability, this may determine the location and type of placement you are matched to. It is not guaranteed that you will be placed in one of the communities you identified, or in one of the placement types you indicated on your application. If at anytime the information on your application has changed, please contact us immediately.

Placement eligibility is at the discretion of the Community Relations Coordinator and the Program Manager. They will determine if you can be matched to a placement and/or preceptor that will meet your needs.

Once you have been matched to a clinical site and preceptor, you will receive a formal confirmation letter by e-mail approximately 6- 8 weeks prior to your placement. At this time, we ask you to connect with your preceptor and clinical site contact.

Please keep in mind that NOSM U’s emails may end up in your junk mail. Please check this folder frequently prior to, during and after your placement.

Questions? Please email