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7. Travel (Ontario Students)

NOSM University provides support to learners attending one of our partnering programs in Ontario, through the Rehabilitation Studies Stream (RSS) or the Northern Studies Stream (NSS) who have been approved to complete a placement in Northern Ontario. Support for travel is not provided to students enrolled in a Rehabilitation Sciences Program (OT, PT, SLP, AUD) outside of Ontario. 

Eligible expenses are submitted and reconciled at the end of the placement, after learners have completed the End of Placement Evaluation and Feedback SurveyEligible expenses for RSS and NSS learners are outlined in Appendix D – Health Sciences and Interprofessional Education of the NOSM University Travel Management Policy. All learners who have been approved for a RSS or NSS placement should familiarize themselves with Appendix D and the information provided in the sections below. Any questions regarding travel, eligible expenses or the process for claiming your travel stipend should be directed to

Prior to Your Placement

Learners are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements via the most economical and direct route as soon as they receive their formal placement confirmation from NOSM University. Travel bookings are to follow the NOSM University Travel Management Policy. Some Northern Ontario travel resources are provided below. However, if you have any questions about booking your travel, please email

Travel arrangements should involve arrival to the placement community the day before the placement starts and depart the day after placement ends. 

If you have requested NOSM University Housing for your placement in your PaNDa Application, details related to these accommodations will be provided in an email directly from NOSM University Housing. NOSM University Housing is available after 3:00 PM the day prior to the placement start date and until 9:00 AM the day after the placement ends. Any questions related to NOSM Housing should be sent directly to 

If you require housing for your placement and are notified that NOSM University Housing is not available, you should send an email to notifying us as soon as possible. We will work with you where possible to find alternative arrangements for your placement. 

Prior to your placement starting, you should complete a Personal Direct Deposit Form and return it with a VOID cheque directly to This will help to prevent any delays in processing your travel stipend after your expenses have been processed.  

Guidelines specific to expenses for traveling by plane and your own vehicle are provided below. However, if the most economical option for travel to your placement community is by renting a vehicle, pre-approval for this expense is required by the HS Programs and Partnerships Coordinator ( Pre-approval is required to include a rental car in your travel claim. As part of the pre-approval process, you will be required to provide cost estimates for all other means of travel to and from your placement community. Keeping a rental car for the duration of your placement will not be reimbursed as part of your travel claim. Only for the days traveling to/from your placement community where this is the most economical option. 

Should you have any questions about special circumstances regarding your travel to or from your placement community, please send an email to

Guidelines on Travel Expenses

Mileage Stipend:

  • When using your own vehicle, mileage will be reimbursed from your home university community to your placement community at the rate of $0.155 per km, up to a maximum of $600.00 round trip.
    • This stipend can only include mileage for the driver of the vehicle. Passengers are not eligible for the mileage stipend in their travel claim from NOSM University. 
    • Learners will need to provide a Google Map screenshot of the travel from their home university community to their placement community. Gas receipts are not required when using your own vehicle. 
  • 1 night of hotel accommodation is covered when driving distance exceeds 800 km one-way. Learners will be able to receive reimbursement for a second night of hotel accommodations when driving more than 1,495km one-way.  Itemized receipts which include proof of payment are required. 
  • Eligible meals and accommodations may be included in your travel stipend.  
  • If mileage expenses are incurred related to travel during your placement for placement duties, this requires pre-approval from the HS Programs and Partnerships Coordinator
    • If approved, please keep track of all mileage using our Mileage Chart. Gas receipts are not required when using your own vehicle.
    • Parking fees are not eligible for reimbursement.

NOTE: Due to liability issues, clients/patients must never be transported in a personal vehicle. Personal vehicles must be insured at the vehicle owner’s expense for personal motor vehicle liability. NOSM University is not responsible for reimbursing any deductible amounts related to insurance coverage. Any traffic/parking violations incurred are the personal responsibility of the learner. Due to liability issues, we do not approve or reimburse travel through the United States.

Flight/Bus/Train Expenses:

  • One round trip flight (economy) or bus/train ticket at the lowest practical fare and the most direct route from the home university community to the placement community.
    • Where roundtrip fares are over $1,500 please contact the HS Programs and Partnerships Coordinator ( for prior approval.
    • Proof of travel is required when submitting flight expenses.  This type of documentation includes boarding passes or luggage claim tickets.
    • Only 1 piece of checked luggage will be covered.
  • One return taxi trip between the airport terminal, bus/train station and your housing in the placement community will be covered. Please ensure to use the most economical form of transportation, with a maximum reimbursement of $150.00 roundtrip.
    • Many Northern Ontario communities do not have ride-sharing services (e.g., UBER), buses or taxis available 24 hours a day. Students should confirm community ground transportation prior to travel.
  • $60.00 per month will be reimbursed for an intra-city bus pass and/or taxi fares for travel between their placement site and accommodation if required.
  • If flight/bus/train expenses are incurred during your placement related to travel for placement duties, this requires pre-approval from the HS Programs and Partnerships Coordinator (

NOTE: NOSM University does not cover expenses associated with altering travel arrangements, rescheduling trips or additional luggage in the travel stipend. Approval for hotel stays are granted in unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, flight delay/cancellation, road closures or other conditions that affect learner safety. 

Should you have any questions about eligible expenses or the travel stipend claiming process, please send an email to

After Your Placement Ends

Learners are responsible for completing and submitting their online travel expense claim within 90 days of the end of placement, after completion of the End of Placement Evaluation and Feedback Survey

  • After 90 days, a travel expense claim may not be eligible for processing and payment. A reminder email with a link to these instructions will be sent to you in the final week of your placement. 

Please refer to the Electronic Travel Expense Submission Document for instructions on submitting a travel stipend claim.

  • It is important to follow this document carefully as failure to submit to the proper program may result in delays in processing your travel expense claim. 

For any eligible accommodations that will be included in the travel expense claim, itemized receipts are required at the time of expense submission. Retain all original receipts for 24 months after placement for auditing purposes.  

Once a travel expense claim is submitted it will be reviewed by the NOSM University Health Sciences Unit before it is sent to the Finance Unit for processing. Learners will be contacted via email if any additional information is required to process the expense claim.

To support learners preparing their travel claims, we also have a step-by-step video tutorial available.

Should you have any questions about eligible expenses or the travel stipend claim process, please send an email to

Northern Ontario Travel Resources

Below are some resources to help learners make their arrangements. If you have any questions regarding your travel please contact

Bus Companies:

Airlines Servicing Northern Ontario:

Hotel Information:

Learners may be eligible for preferred rates when booking hotel rooms. Please mention that you are a NOSM University learner at certain hotels in Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Information regarding preferred rates at hotels in Thunder Bay and Sudbury can email

Ground Transportation in Placement Community:

Taxis do not always run in the evening and on weekends in some of the smaller/more remote communities and typically are not waiting outside bus stations or airports. Once you have made your travel arrangements please contact a taxi company in your placement community to make arrangements for pick up and drop off when you arrive.