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1. Our Program Mandate & Funding

Recruitment and Retention of Rehabilitation Science Professionals

The mandate of the RS Program is a direct reflection of the Vision and Mission of NOSM University – with the ultimate goal of a “healthier North” through innovative education and research.  This work is guided by NOSM U’s Values, and seeks to increase the number of Rehabilitation Science Professionals with the leadership, knowledge and skills to practice in Northern Ontario, all the while:

  • Being socially accountable to the needs and the diversity of the populations of Northern Ontario
  • Actively involving Indigenous, Francophone, remote, rural and underserviced communities
  • Leading and conducting research activities that positively impact the health of those living in Northern communities
  • Fostering a positive learning environment for learners, faculty, and staff
  • Achieving an integrated, collaborative approach to education, learning, and programming

Check out some of the current RS Professional job vacancies on our Clinical Job Postings page.

Our Funding

Funding for the Rehabilitation Studies Stream (RSS) and Northern Studies Stream (NSS) program is provided through the Ontario Ministry of Health. Funding is available to students enrolled in an Ontario-based Rehabilitation Sciences Program that is part of the RSS or the NSS. Applicants are screened and evaluated for recruitment potential with consideration of the following dimensions:

  • Northern Ontario roots
  • Interest in pursuing work in Northern Ontario
  • Interest in working in a rural/remote setting
  • Interest in delivering health services to Francophone or Indigenous Peoples

This funding supports the travels and housing costs for learners in the RSS and NSS to come to Northern Ontario to complete their placements, as well as the development and support of our preceptors and clinical community providing placements for learners.