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3. Community Engaged Interprofessional Learning

Community Engaged Interprofessional Learning (CEIL)  is an important part of your experience on placement in Northern Ontario. CEIL occurs when you engage with one or more other professions/disciplines to learn about collaborative care in the context of Northern Ontario. This could occur, for example, through activities like:

    • Multidisciplinary Rounds
    • Case Conferences and/or Team Meetings Re: Single Client
    • Family Meeting
    • Shadowing Another Discipline
    • Shared Practice with Another Discipline (e.g., Co-Assessment or Co-Treatment)
    • Observation of a Discipline Specific Procedure (e.g., Observing a Surgery or Other Procedure Not a Role of Your Own Discipline)
    • Multidisciplinary Professional Development Event (e.g., Conference, Workshop, Webinar, etc.)
    • Cultural or Community-Based Activity (e.g., Learning Circle, Healing Circle, Pow Wow, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, etc.)

Since CEIL reflects the reality of practice for those working in healthcare in Northern Ontario, we want you to work with your preceptor(s) and discipline-specific Clinical Learning Liaison to learn about the CEIL opportunities available to you during your placement. At the end of your placement, we will ask you to document these experiences so that we can keep track of what our learners are getting to experience on placements.

To connect with other Rehabilitation Sciences learners while on placement, share pictures, or to hear about upcoming CEIL opportunities join our private Facebook page NOSM University Rehab in the North.