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2. Clinical Learning Liaison Support During Placements

The sections below will provide you with an overview of the communications and support offered by our program’s Clinical Learning Liaisons (CLLs) during our placements. Our team includes two CLLs for each discipline, one in the Northeast Region and one in the Northwest Region. The CLL who will help to support your placement will be included on the confirmation email sent by one of our program’s Community Relations Coordinators. 

Pre-Placement Support

  • The CLL will send you an email prior to the placement to introduce themselves and review some of the resources available to help you during the placement, including to make sure you are aware of this Preceptor Handbook. They will also offer to meet with you by phone or a video call to review any questions you might have prior to the placement starting. 
  • The CLL will meet with the student for a virtual meeting to review any questions they have related to the NOSM University orientation video they were asked to watch, travel and housing, and reimbursement processes. They will also confirm with the learner that they have connected with you to review details related to the placement, have completed any pre-placement requirements, and have reviewed our resources related to Francophone and Indigenous Health.  There is also a Facebook Group that we encourage learners to join where they can interact with other learners on placement and where we share various virtual learning opportunities with them provided by NOSM U and our partnering organizations.

Placement Support

  • The CLL will check-in with you during the first week of the placement to make sure the placement has had a positive start, see if you have any questions, and if they can provide you with any support. They will also provide you with a few reminders about clinical education best practices for the start of each placement, like providing a thorough orientation and setting up learning objectives with the learner based on the requirements of their home university program. 
  • The CLL will also check-in with the student during the first week and towards the midpoint of the placement to make sure things are going well, to answer any questions they might have and to offer support if needed. 
  • It is important to note that the Placement Coordinator at the student’s home university will also be checking in with you and the student at various times through the placement. The CLLs are an additional layer of support for you and your student during the placement to make sure that it is a positive experience for both you and the student. 

Post-Placement Support

  • The CLL will send you a final email at the end of the placement to ask you to complete an evaluation of your experience as a preceptor, and will remind you of other resources and opportunities that our program provides to help support your professional development. 
  • The CLL will email each student at the end of the placement to ensure they had a positive experience and to provide a list of current job opportunities in Northern Ontario, in addition to support from the Ministry of Health related to interviewing and working in Northern Ontario after they graduate. 
  • If you are aware of any vacancies in your organization that aren’t already listed in our current job opportunity, please let us know by emailing