Remote Work

Dr. Sujeenthar Tharmalingam

Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury ON Canada P3E 2C6
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology



Post-doctoral Fellow, Radiation Biology
Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Sudbury, Canada)


Post-doctoral Fellow, Angiogenesis and Vascularisation
Faculty of Health, York University (Toronto, Canada)


PhD, Cancer Biology and Neuroscience
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)


B.Sc. Hons, Double Major in Human Biology and Pharmacology
University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

Research Investigations

  1. Molecular radiation biology
  2. Mechanisms of tumorigenesis and cancer development
  3. Integrative “omics” based approaches for the identification of novel molecular mechanisms in cell biology
  4. Epigenetics

Selected Publications

Tharmalingam, S., Sreetharan, S., Kulesza, A. V., Boreham, D. R., and Tai, T. C. (2017) Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation Exposure, Oxidative Stress and Epigenetic Programing of Health and Disease. Radiation research 188, 525-538

Nwadozi, E., Roudier, E., Rullman, E., Tharmalingam, S., Liu, H. Y., Gustafsson, T., and Haas, T. L. (2016) Endothelial FoxO proteins impair insulin sensitivity and restrain muscle angiogenesis in response to a high-fat diet. FASEB 30, 3039-3052

Tharmalingam, S., and Hampson, D. R. (2016) The Calcium-Sensing Receptor and Integrins in Cellular Differentiation and Migration. Frontiers in physiology 7, 190

Tharmalingam, S., Wu, C., and Hampson, D. R. (2016) The calcium-sensing receptor and integrins modulate cerebellar granule cell precursor differentiation and migration. Developmental neurobiology 76, 375-389

Pacey, L. K., Guan, S., Tharmalingam, S., Thomsen, C., and Hampson, D. R. (2015) Persistent astrocyte activation in the fragile X mouse cerebellum. Brain and behavior 5

Gholizadeh, S., Tharmalingam, S., Macaldaz, M. E., and Hampson, D. R. (2013) Transduction of the central nervous system after intracerebroventricular injection of adeno-associated viral vectors in neonatal and juvenile mice. Human gene therapy methods 24, 205-213

Tharmalingam, S., Burns, A. R., Roy, P. J., and Hampson, D. R. (2012) Orthosteric and allosteric drug binding sites in the Caenorhabditis elegans mgl-2 metabotropic glutamate receptor. Neuropharmacology 63, 667-674

Pacey, L. K., Tharmalingam, S., and Hampson, D. R. (2011) Subchronic administration and combination metabotropic glutamate and GABAB receptor drug therapy in fragile X syndrome. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 338, 897-905

Tharmalingam, S., Daulat, A. M., Antflick, J. E., Ahmed, S. M., Nemeth, E. F., Angers, S., Conigrave, A. D., and Hampson, D. R. (2011) Calcium-sensing receptor modulates cell adhesion and migration via integrins. The Journal of biological chemistry 286, 40922-40933