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Wellness Peers

Faculty Affairs is pleased and excited to launch our first-ever wellness program!

The purpose of this program is to provide support on an array of issues affecting our Clinical Faculty.  The program has been developed to be a limited number of encounters, not an ongoing support relationship. This is an entirely confidential program, and the Wellness Peers will not be reporting names or any identifying demographics to Faculty Affairs.

Clinical Faculty members can simply call any of the Wellness Peers on the list below, regardless of location or specialty.  Our primary concern is the well-being of our faculty.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please feel free to contact Dr. Harshad Telang, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs at, Dr. Prashant Jani, NOSM U CSD Faculty Wellness Lead or one of the Wellness Peers using their information provided below.

A Letter from the Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Dr. Prashant A. Jani, Wellness Lead

Dr. Jani is the inaugural Clinical Sciences Division Faculty Wellness Lead. He has been practicing as a Pathologist and an Associate Professor of Pathology for the past 15 years and has been dedicated to promoting wellness for over 25 years. More specifically, he is a dedicated yoga instructor who has provided mental, physical and spiritual well-being in Thunder Bay for nearly two decades.

Dr. Jani is a highly regarded motivational speaker, has participated in numerous national and international health and wellness programs, and is the founder of the Superior Yoga Festival, Festival of India, Festival of Colours and Superior Veg Fest in Thunder Bay. Recently, he established NovaCare Health and Wellness Centre in Thunder Bay to rehabilitate patients with chronic diseases.

Dr. Shannon Wiebe, Wellness Peer

Dr. Wiebe is a family physician with a group practice in Keewatin, Ontario that includes in-patients, emergency, long-term care, and more remote community care. Her husband, who does not work in healthcare, manages to put up with her and their two teenagers! Dr. Wiebe has been in practice for 14 years, where she has experienced many bumps along the road. She has had the benefit of many great mentors during difficult times and is happy to take her turn to listen or share where she can.

Dr. Pam McDermott, Wellness Peer

Dr. McDermott spent her early career as a psychiatric nurse. She received her medical degree and then completed a family medicine residency in 1981. From 1981-1989, she had a medical and psychotherapy practice in Oshawa and Scarborough, Ontario after which she has a fulltime psychotherapy practice in Hunstville, Ontario that includes management of serious mental illness, and psychotherapy for anxiety and mood disorders. In recent years, she has provided psychosocial support to the palliative care team, has been involved as a preceptor for NOSM University. Dr. McDermott is now semi-retired providing bereavement and other supports since COVID and she is a member of her local Medical Assistance in Dying team.

Therapy techniques:  CBT, DBT, ACT, Supportive, Psychodynamic

Affiliations:  Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians, Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers, Associate Professor at NOSM University

Interests:  All outdoor sports/activities, Dogs, Environmental protection, Friends and family

Dr. Sean Bryan, Wellness Peer

Dr. Bryan is a Developmental Pediatrician with a primary Indigenous practice in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.  He serves 33 remote communities via primarily in-person neurodevelopmental assessment and management. He is interested in Medical Education as he is in the midst of a Master’s in Health Sciences Education at the University of Alberta, with current academic and research projects in neurodivergent health sciences learners, the “learner in difficulty,” culturally-competent knowledge translation, sex-linked genetics in autism, and environmental immuno- and neurotoxicants in developmental regression. Dr. Bryan is working to establish sleep medicine, brain injury, high-risk neonates, and healthy active living clinics. He is extremely interested in wellness and supporting colleagues as he has benefitted from collegial support for his own wellness.

Dr. Benjamin Langer, Wellness Peer

After a winding path to medicine through environmental studies and history of science, Dr. Benjamin Langer went to medical school at Western University in London, Ontario. He completed family medicine and a low-risk obstetrics fellowship at St Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto. He then signed on in Sioux Lookout and has been there fulltime ever since as the Sachigo Lake First Nation Community Physician. He also does office-based primary care and surgical obstetrics in Sioux Lookout, with an OSS fellowship completed in spring 2021. In spare time he practices Capoeira and forages for mushrooms.

Dr. Laurie Kibiuk, Wellness Peer

Dr. Kibiuk previously practiced family medicine for 17 years that led to her current practice in addictions medicine in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She also works in the OR as an assistant. She loves both jobs and finds herself to be lucky to have spare time to enjoy her family, friends and hobbies.

Dr. Susan Hegge, Wellness Peer

Dr. Susan Hegge grew up in Thunder Bay and now resides in the North Bay area. She graduated medicine in 1994 and completed a general surgical residency in 1999, both at U of Toronto. After nearly 20 years practicing surgery in North Bay, she took an early retirement during which time she focused on her family and also completed a Masters degree through the School of Public Health at U of Waterloo. Her degree concentrated in mental health promotion in youth and young adults. She has an interest in the prevention of physician burnout and the well being of medical learners. She has been involved with NOSM as clinical faculty since its inception. Her happy place is at home in her barn or enjoying time with her horses.