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Clinical Sciences Division FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faculty Affairs (FA) responsible for?

Faculty Affairs is responsible for appointing, reappointing, promoting, evaluating, and monitoring faculty performance.

I have a very busy clinical practice. Why should I become a Faculty Member?

There are many benefits to becoming a Faculty Member including:

  • Remuneration for teaching.
  • Use of academic title for grants, promotions, and award applications.
  • Access to NOSM University’s Health Sciences Library, including electronic and on-site libraries.
  • Access to accredited virtual and in-house Continuing Education and Professional Development events.
  • Be a role model and mentor for Learners.
  • Remain current with medical knowledge and advances in Northern Ontario.
  • Meet other health professionals who share similar academic and clinical interests.
  • Have the benefit of participating in academic governance.
  • Access to NOSM University’s Alternate Funding Plan Agreement for participating physicians via NOAMA.

What opportunities are available to me as a clinical faculty member?

NOSM University is continuing to expand its programs and recruitment of health-care professionals for academic appointments and instructional positions for the Undergraduate Medical Education Program, the Postgraduate Residency Programs, the Physician Assistant Program, the Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program, the Electives Program, the Continuing Education and Professional  Development Program, the Northern Studies Stream Program, and the Rehabilitation Studies  Stream Program, Medical Physics Residency Education Program, and Masters of Medical Studies.

For more information, please see the Clinical Faculty Opportunities Brochure

How do I apply for an appointment and what is the process?

Applications can be obtained on the webpage Appointment Application and Information


  1. Applications are reviewed by a Section Chair, and by the Clinical Sciences Division Head who determines eligibility, academic rank (Clinical Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor), and length of appointment. New Clinical Sciences Division faculty are automatically given a rank of Clinical Lecturer.  For further information, please see the Faculty Appointment and Reappointment Policy.  The Division Head then forwards recommendations to The Dean.
  2. The Dean reviews the application; then approves rank and term.
  3. Applicant is sent an appointment letter from The Dean with the Welcome Package.
  4. Applicants returns the signed appointment letter to the Clinical Sciences Division Office which confirms faculty status.
  5. Faculty member is given a NOSM University e-mail account and access to NOSM U’s intranet (including access to the UME curriculum).

How do I keep ‘up-to-date’ after receiving my faculty appointment?

Each faculty member receives a NOSM University email account where you will receive up to date information from NOSM U Portfolios. Newsletters such as “Northern Routes” (The Dean’s Newsletter), or the Continuing Education and Professional Development Newsletter will update faculty about up-and-coming professional development opportunities.  To improve efficiency, the NOSM U email account can be linked to another email address.

NOSM University has also created an intranet system called “MyNOSM” as another way to keep faculty and staff up to date. The Clinical Sciences Division maintains a page on MyNOSM for issues that pertain only to the Clinical Sciences Faculty.

The Clinical Sciences Division holds regular meetings to keep faculty members apprised of current issues and ‘real-time’ feedback. These meetings are held via WebEx to allow faculty members from across Northern Ontario to participate.

For more information about these meetings, please see Resources – Clinical Sciences Division Meetings

What activities are available to assist me in preparing to teach?

A calendar of Faculty Development events is available. The calendar provides details of sessions of relevance to the various instructional roles. Some events are available in a variety of forums, including in-person, videoconference, and on-line.

For further information, please see the  Continuing Education and Professional Development webpage.

How can I participate in teaching?

An “educational involvement questionnaire” is sent to each new faculty member and then annually thereafter. The survey outlines how a faculty member could choose to be involved with NOSM University. The survey also asks about potential availability for teaching.  Results are entered in a database that all NOSM University scheduling staff have access to.

I live in a community other than Sudbury or Thunder Bay, can I still participate in teaching NOSM University Undergraduate students?

In Year 1, faculty members can participate in Module 106. During this module, pairs of students go out to Indigenous communities for 4 weeks. Although not at the Lakehead or Laurentian campuses, students are still required to complete the Case-Based learning (CBL) and Topic Oriented Sessions (TOS) via teleconference with a tutor and 3 other groups.

In Year 2, faculty members can participate in Modules 108 & 110. Again, the students are on placement this time in rural northern communities. Faculty members can participate as the CBL/TOS tutors or as a clinical preceptor.

In Year 3, students participate in a 30-week long clerkship hosted in small urban and large rural communities.

In Year 4, students attend their specialty-based clerkships in the large urban communities of Northern Ontario.

Students also have elective rotations where they travel to many communities in Northern Ontario for clinical placements.

Can I choose to provide clinical teaching only?

Yes. Faculty members can choose to provide clinical teaching in the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Physician Assistant, Dietetics Medical Physics Program, and Elective programs. Faculty are not required to teach strictly in a classroom-based setting.

Can I choose to provide academic teaching only?

Yes. Faculty members can choose to provide academic teaching in the Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs. Faculty are not required to teach strictly in a clinical setting.

Can I be a faculty member and teach only a rehabilitation or electives learner?

Yes. NOSM University is also in need of rehabilitation or electives preceptors. Faculty members may choose to teach a variety of learners.

Will I receive feedback on my teaching?

Learners are sent faculty evaluations, asked to complete them, and return them to Faculty Affairs (FA). FA gathers the results and creates an evaluation report which is then sent to the faculty member. Faculty are encouraged to ask the learner for an evaluation. Learners may complete an evaluation on any faculty member by clicking on a blank evaluation form in the Elentra or one45 software programs.

 At time of reappointment all renewed faculty will be offered the opportunity to meet with their Section Chair to receive feedback on their performance and/or progress towards promotion.

Is remuneration provided for teaching?

Yes. NOSM University provides an hourly rate for academic teaching, and a stipend for supervising certain medical learners in a clinical environment.

You may also be eligible for payments from the Academic Health Science Centre Alternative Funding Plan (AFP) if you are a participating physician.  Under the terms of the AFP, a participating physician must:

  1. Hold a faculty appointment at NOSM University, and
  2. Have signed a declaration and Consent form.

How do I get reappointed?

If you still qualify for appointment, we will contact you when your term is ending. We will either offer you a reappointment or ask you for additional information related to contributions made during your term.

Who can I contact for additional information?

 Faculty can call the toll free hotline at 877-678-7358

*Should you reach the voicemail, kindly leave a message with your name and preferred contact information, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

You may also email and we will contact you as soon as possible.