Remote Work

Dr. Christopher Thome

Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Lakehead University Campus
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury ON Canada P3E 2C6
Phone:  (705) 662-7222
Fax:  (705) 675-4858
Assistant Professor, Radiation Biology



Post-Doctoral Fellowship; Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON)
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science


Ph.D.; McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)
Medical Physics
Department of Medical Physics, Faculty of Science


M.Sc.; McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)
Health and Radiation Physics
Department of Medical Physics, Faculty of Science


Hons. B.M.Sc.; University of Western Ontario (London, ON)
Human Physiology, minor in Medical Biophysics

Research Investigations

  1. Biological effects of low-dose ionizing radiation
  2. Mechanisms of radiation induced cataracts
  3. Effects of sub-natural background radiation exposure
  4. Role of radiation dose and dose-rate on cancer induction

Selected Publications

Thome, C., Chambers, D.B., Hooker, A.M., Thompson, J.W., Boreham, D.R. (2018) Deterministic effects to the lens of the eye following ionizing radiation exposure: is there evidence to support a reduction in threshold dose? Health Phys. 114 (3) 328-343.

Puukila, S., Thome, C., Brooks, A.L., Woloschak, G., Boreham, D.R. (2018) The influence of changing dose rate patterns from inhaled beta-gamma emitting radionuclides on lung cancer. Int J Radiat Biol. In Press.

Sreetharan, S.*, Thome, C.*, Tsang, K., Manzon, R.G., Somers, C.M., Boreham, D.R., Wilson, J.Y. (2018) Micronuclei formation in rainbow trout cells exposed to multiple stressors: morpholine, heat shock and ionizing radiation. Toxicol In-vitro. 47 38-47. *Co-first author.

Thome, C., Tharmalingam, S., Pirkkanen, J., Zarnke, A., Laframboise, T., Boreham, D.R. (2017) The REPAIR project: Examining the biological impacts of sub-background radiation exposure within SNOLAB, a deep underground laboratory. Radiat Res. 188 (4.2) 470-474.

Sreetharan, S., Thome, C., Tharmalingam, S., Jones, D.E., Kulesza, A.V., Khaper, N., Lees, S., Wilson, J.Y., Tai, T.C., Boreham, D.R. (2017) Ionizing radiation exposure during pregnancy: effects on postnatal development and life. Radiat Res. 187 (6) 647-658.

Puukila, S., Thome, C., Brooks, A.L., Woloschak, G., Boreham, D.R. (2017) The role of radiation induced injury on lung cancer. Cancers. 9 (7) 89.

Thome, C., Mitz, C., Hulley, E.N., Somers, C.M., Manzon, R.G., Wilson, J.Y., Boreham, D.R. (2017) Initial characterization of the growth stimulation and heat shock-induced adaptive response in developing lake whitefish embryos following ionizing radiation exposure. Radiat Res. 188 (4.2) 475-485.