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Scheduling of Rotations and Electives

Before Your First Day

When residents are performing a rotation in a new community, they should be in contact with the site, hospital, or Community Coordinator in that area, in advance of their rotation. They need; to gather information regarding hospital orientation, parking cards, photocopying, access codes, library hours and access, and computer provision, etc. It is also important that before the start of a rotation residents contact their preceptor to introduce him or herself, and discuss the expectations, goals, and objectives for the rotation. Contact information can be found in PaNDA, or in the rotation reminder notifications.

Rotation Information and Reminder Notifications

Resident rotation and housing information can be found on the Pan Northern Database (PaNDa) website. In PaNDa, you will find any confirmed, pending changes or requested rotations, community and site-specific information, preceptor information and assignments. Rotation Goals and Objectives are all available online. Please note that you will receive rotation reminder e-mails 4 weeks before the start of each rotation. This e-mail will include the rotation type, dates, location, and preceptor contact information for your next rotation. Please review these e-mails and notify your program coordinator as soon as possible regarding any errors.

Scheduling and Rotation Changes

The clinical rotation schedules have been constructed based on feedback from resident planning surveys, program direction, and preceptor availability across all programs. Residents must submit a Learner Change Request Form for any rotation change. Prior to the completion of the form, residents must be released from the approved preceptor.  If the requested rotation is not secured within 8 weeks of the rotation, the original rotation will stand. For more information regarding the change request process.

Scheduling of Electives

In choosing an elective within NOSM University’s geographical region, funding for mileage, preceptor stipend and housing will be covered by the Northern Electives’ Program. Please note that funding for travel and accommodations is only available for electives of four weeks or greater (these may be subdivided as two and two weeks, but must total a minimum of four weeks within the same community, in order to access this funding). A complete Elective Application must be submitted through the online application process found on PaNDa no less than eight weeks prior to the anticipated elective start date. Residents will need to login to PaNDa to access the elective application forms (Please refer to the PaNDa: Learner Electives Application Handbook).

If residents choose to do an elective outside of NOSM University’s geographical catchment area, an External Elective Request Form outlining the proposed elective should be submitted to your program coordinator at least eight weeks prior to the start of electives. This form must include a description of the proposed learning objectives for the elective with specific reference to how the elective will meet the resident’s own learning needs. No funding is available for mileage, preceptor stipend, or accommodations for electives outside of NOSM University’s geographical catchment area.

Housing is provided to residents for all CORE rotations outside of their home base and for elective rotations in Northern Ontario up to a maximum of six blocks per academic year. Housing may be provided for elective rotations in the communities of Ottawa if NOSM University housing is available. Availability can only be confirmed 60 days prior to the start of the rotation. Residents are asked to contact Housing at 60 days prior to the start of their rotation to see if NOSM University housing is available.