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Resident Doctors Appreciation Week


Dear valued resident doctors,

On behalf of all of us at NOSM University, we extend a heartfelt thank you.

Residents are pillars of the community, and wear so many hats. You provide indispensable care to patients at a time when our health-care system is stretched. You strive to become amazing surgeons, family doctors, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and more. At the same time, you help build a community of learners and shape the learning environment of the future.

Incredibly, you do all of this while leading with compassion and integrity. We are inspired by your leadership, your dedication to health equity, and the many ways that you help others live in good health and with dignity.

Residents make a difference. This National Resident Doctors Appreciation Week, we recognize your hard work and your dedication to our esteemed profession. We appreciate all that you do—not just today, but every day.

Be on the lookout this week for a special thank you gift in your inboxes, courtesy of MD Financial and NOSM University’s Alumni Office.

Dr. Robert Anderson, MD, FRCPC
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, NOSM University

Dr. Sarita Verma
President, Vice-Chancellor, Dean and CEO, NOSM University