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Program Director Resources

NOSM University is incredibly appreciative of your contributions in the role of Program Director (PD) in Postgraduate Medical Education. The PGME Office has pulled together the following resources with the intention of curating one spot where Program Directors can easily access overarching PGME Office and NOSM U information that will support you in your role.

While this is not a comprehensive specialty specific guide to the PD role, it is a general guide addressing key topics. Our hope is that this site will grow with your feedback and requests. If there is a topic or area currently not included, please email  with your suggestions. We will continue to add priority content throughout the academic year.

Note: Some of the resources are internal in nature and you will be prompted to sign in with your personal NOSM U credentials in order to access the content. General NOSM U accounts assigned to an area or generic role will not provide access.

PGME Policies, Procedures and Forms

Policies, Procedures & Forms
Questions about PGME Policies? Please reach out to for assistance

Program Director Job Descriptions

Sample Year as a Program Director

Academic Year: July 1st- June 30th

July – Sept

  • Program and PGME Office Orientation Activities (Jun/Jul)
  • CFPC Fall Exam Recommendation List to PGME Office (Jul)
  • CaRMS FM-ES Match Program Descriptions (Jul)
  • CaRMS R-1 Match Program Descriptions (Aug)
  • RCPSC Spring exams list to PGME Office (Sep)
  • Fall Internal Transfer Period (Sept-Dec)
  • AVP Final Assessments for IMG trainees (Sep)

Oct – Dec

  • CaRMS FM-ES Match File Reviews (Sept)
  • International Conference on Residency Education- ICRE (Sept/Oct)
  • PGMEC Fall Faculty Development Retreat (Oct/Nov)
  • Family Medicine Forum- FMF (Oct/Nov)
  • CaRMS FM-ES Match Interviews (Oct/Nov)
  • PDCI meetings with Associate Dean, PGME (Nov)
  • CaRMS FM-ES Match Day (Dec)
  • CaRMS R-1 Match File Reviews (Dec)

January – March

  • CaRMS R-1 Match Interviews (Jan)
  • Registration and credentialing of returning residents- PGME Office (Feb-Jun)
  • CaRMS R-1 Match Day (Mar)
  • National Transfer Period (Mar-Sep)
  • RCPSC Fall exams list to PGME Office (Mar)
  • Annual Program Budgeting Process (Mar)

April – June

  • CaRMS R-1 2nd Iteration (Apr)
  • International Congress on Academic Medicine- ICAM  (Apr)
  • Registration and credentialing of new residents- PGME Office (Apr-Jun)
  • Resident Promotion meetings and confirmation to PGME Office  (Apr/May)
  • CaRMS Post Match Process (May)
  • CFPC CCT List to PGME Office (May)
  • Program Assessment and Evaluation Form Deadline (May 1st)
  • NOSM U Northern Constellations (May)
  • PDCI meetings with Associate Dean, PGME (May)
  • Program activities/events for completing residents (Jun)
  • Program and PGME Office Orientation Activities (Jun/Jul)

Program Director Role Resources (external)

PGME Unit Staff Contact Information

Accreditation and CQI

NOSM University Password Reset

Assessment, Evaluation & Elentra Resources

Education Advisory Board

Questions about the EAB, remediation and probation? Contact

PGME Education Advisory Board (EAB)

Resident Transfers

Questions about Resident Transfers? Contact

Resident Transfer Requests

MoH Re-Entry and Repatriation Pathways

Questions about the MoH Re-Entry and Repatriation Pathways? Contact

At NOSM University,  Ontario Ministry of Health Re-Entry and Repatriation Program applications are reviewed alongside provincial and national transfer requests after the second iteration of the CaRMS cycle each year. Support for both programs is based on funding availability and program-specific clinical capacity. If you have questions about NOSM University’s consideration of re-entry and repatriation applications, please contact

Re-Entry Program- Ontario Ministry of Health

Physicians currently practicing in Canada who are seeking to re-enter residency training can apply to the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) re-entry program. This program has a return of service requirement. For more information on annual deadlines, eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health site.

Repatriation Program- Ontario Ministry of Health

The Ontario Ministry of Health Repatriation Program facilitates medical training positions for physicians who have completed or partially completed their postgraduate residency training outside of Canada and who require additional training to meet the national certification requirements. Upon successful completion these physicians will be required to fulfill return of service obligations in an eligible community.  For more information on eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health site. Deadline for applications to NOSM University programs is January 31.

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