Remote Work

PGY1 Core Curriculum

A common PGY1 Core Curriculum (PGY1CC) has been developed to support all NOSM residents to develop foundational knowledge
and skills:

  • To address patient safety in their clinical and academic work
  • In the CanMEDS 2015 roles

The PGY1CC will allow for many opportunities to teach CanMEDS 2015 roles in ways the are relevant and reflective through various connecting threads, such as using medical error, patient safety and quality improvement. In addition, the PGY1CC will utilize creative ways to help foster longitudinal learning and continuous professional development in our residents.

Teaching Objectives

  • Teach core curriculum on patient safety and quality improvement to all NOSM PGY1 residents so that individual programs can focus on more advanced, discipline specific competencies and outcomes
  • Teach the foundational aspects of the CanMEDS 2015 roles and competencies to all NOSM PGY1 residents
  • Proactively address theoretical and practical aspects of resident wellness and allow time for feedback

Breakdown of Mandatory Courses

  • 7 academic half-day sessions will take place throughout the academic year; all session take place on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • 4 sessions will compromise elements of patient safety, quality improvement, and medical error using the Patient Safety course (instructions on how to register with IHI will be provided to you prior to, and during, your first PGY1CC academic half day session)
  • 1.5 sessions will focus on Residents as Teachers
  • 1 session will focus on Indigenous Health & Cultural Safety/Trauma Informed Care
  • 3 sessions will focus on Residents Wellness
  • These sessions are mandatory for all PGY1s to attend