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Registrar Office FAQ

To learn about the services available to you as a NOSM University learner, please watch the Information Session hosted by the Registrar’s Office. See the information below regarding specific Registrar’s Office services:

Learner Records

Current and former learners have access to their own records at any time and can request to view any of their personal documents held by the Registrar’s Office by emailing Access will be primarily stored in the Registrar’s Office via paper and/or electronic copies. These guidelines pertain to student personal information regardless of where, and in what medium, it resides

NOSM University ID Number

For the new NOSM Learners, your NOSM University ID number was noted on your Offer of Admission letter and will be noted on your NOSM University ID card as well. 

Ecopy of degrees or certificates

How can I get an e-copy of my degree/certificate?

The Office of the Registrar does not provide electronic copies of degrees or certificates. If graduates would like an electronic copy they can scan their parchment themselves and utilize the scanned copy for any purpose as they deem necessary.

In Progress Courses on Transcripts

Why do in progress courses show up on my transcript even after I have completed all the requirements?

A transcript is an academic record of all courses the learner has previously completed and received grades in as well as all courses that the learner is currently registered for.

A course listed as “In Progress” on a transcript indicates that a final grade has not been received by the Office of the Registrar. Until final grades have been received by the Office of the Registrar, the learners’ transcript will reflect courses as “In Progress” even if the requirements of the course have successfully been completed by the learner.

Alternatively, a course where the final grade has been received by the Office of the Registrar, will be reflected appropriately on the learners’ transcript as either a numeric grade or a pass/fail letter grade.

On Campus Lockers

Year 1 UME students on either campus, may choose a locker during Transition Week. Lockers are not available prior to this time. It is first come, first served. Please bring your own lock. All Year 1 UME students will be required to sign a locker agreement indicating agreement to remove their lock and empty their locker by the agreed upon date. Locker agreements will be distributed via email.

Year 2 UME students must empty their locker and remove their locks by August 19th. Otherwise, locks and belongings will be removed.

Year 3-5 UME students, Residents, and MMS learners do not have access to lockers.

On-Campus Parking Pass

For information regarding parking on the Thunder Bay campus please visit the Lakehead U Parking webpage.

For information regarding parking on the Sudbury campus please visit the Laurentian U Parking webpage.

Criminal Record Disclosure and Consent Form

As part of the registration process of each academic year (Year 2, 3 and 4), continuing NOSM U MD students must complete, sign, and upload the NOSM U Criminal Record Disclosure Form and the Consent and Authorization Form to their Verified account. Failure to complete and upload the form may result in the revocation of registration in the NOSM U MD program. Please click the link below to access the form for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

2023-2024 Criminal Record Disclosure and Consent Form

Registration After Tuition and Fee Due Dates

Tuition and fees for learners registering after published due dates are due on the same day of the registration or will be subject to late fees. 

Student Health Plan

Information on the Student Health Plan can be found at