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Information for Rehabilitation Sciences Learners

General Update

To protect learners, health care professionals, patients, families and our northern communities as a whole, Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) at NOSM has been very careful with placement coordination since the pandemic began.

Maintaining a cautious level of optimism, we are continuing to coordinate and support RS placements. Specific numbers were detailed in communications with the faculty and staff at our Partner Universities.

NOTE: The situation across all clinical sites can change rapidly. Even after starting a confirmed placement, your clinical site may need at any time to suspend clinical placements. If this happens and we are notified first, we will contact you and your program. Should you be notified of your clinical site suspending your placement, please contact your host university and your NOSM contacts immediately so that we may help you in coordinating your travel home. We understand this can be stressful and we are here to help you.

Update For RS Learners Currently on Placements or Scheduled for an Upcoming Placement

Please note that all clinical placements may be subject to change or cancellation due to the flare-ups of COVID-19 within Northern Ontario. For up-to-date information and answers to some common FAQs, please consult the NOSM COVID-19 webpage

We ask that all learners familiarize themselves with the public health guidelines from the local health unit where they will be completing their placement, prior to departing for Northern Ontario; in addition to any specific guidelines or instructions provided by their Clinical Site. These may change during placement, so learners should be aware of and monitor these guidelines while in Northern Ontario.

We ask that the Clinical Site and Home University review, discuss and agree on policies and procedures in relation to the learner providing care to any patients with presumed or confirmed COVID-19 during the placement. Learners on placement in Northern Ontario have a responsibility to keep themselves, others around them, and our communities safe. In relation to the pandemic, this means reporting if they experience any SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 or if they are EXPOSED to a person with COVID-19 (presumed or confirmed) within or outside the clinical environment. The linked flow chart outlines the specific steps any learner should take when they experience symptoms or when an exposure has occurred: Flow Chart COVID-19 Reporting – Rehabilitation Science Learners

NOSM is continuously monitoring the recommendations from Public Health and other regulatory agencies, and policies are updated accordingly. Any change to this policy will be communicated with our Clinical and University Partners.

NOSM Housing for RS Learners

As the Government of Ontario is moving forward with a number of changes to public health and workplace safety measures, NOSM will return to a shared housing model effective March 14, 2022. If you had already been approved for single-occupancy housing reimbursement for your placement before March 14, NOSM will continue to honour that commitment. All newly confirmed placements that are eligible for NOSM Housing will be placed in our shared housing model.

If a learner has an exceptional rationale for single-occupancy housing related to COVID-19, we ask that the learner communicate directly with the Health Sciences Manager (Dr. Mike Ravenek – to seek guidance on how to request alternative solutions.

The NOSM Community Relations Unit (CRU) will continue to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and determine if alternative housing arrangements (such as a re-activation of the COVID Housing Reimbursement Protocol) are necessary for the overall safety of the learners. The CRU will continue to work with NOSM Programs to ensure that all learners are safe and supported while in the community.

NOSM Staff & Campuses

The vast majority of NOSM staff continue to work from home supporting the School’s programs. Some staff may be working varied hours as a result; however they remain committed to attending to all operations and learner communication/support needs.

If you need to go to the NOSM campus at Lakehead or Laurentian University for any reason there is a clearance and attestation process to follow. Before visiting, please contact the NOSM Manager, Health Sciences to advise of the nature of your visit to campus and further instruction will be sent in response.

Your RS NOSM contacts are:

Jennifer de Bakker
Health Sciences Programs & Partnerships Coordinator

Mike Ravenek
Health Sciences Manager

With the situation is changing rapidly, please stay up to date by checking the NOSM website.