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Information for Staff and Faculty

UPDATED: May 9, 2022

NOSM University is an inclusive community where everyone is treated with respect. We are grateful to each of you for the efforts you are putting in to keep our staff, faculty and students safe during this time. We are committed to keeping each of you safe, and respecting your individual needs. Please be kind and compassionate to one another.

COVID-19 Screening

NOSM University no longer requires active screening to enter campus buildings.

Everyone is expected to monitor themselves daily for COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if they are feeling sick.

While not mandatory, you are encouraged to screen for COVID-19 prior to entering NOSM Campus buildings through the Ontario Screening Tool.

What do I do if I am suddenly feeling unwell while on campus?

Should you experience COVID-19 Symptoms or are generally feeling unwell while you are on campus, please follow these steps:

  1. Immediately return home and self-isolate (secure alternate mode of travel if you are not able to drive).
  2. Take the online COVID-19 Self Assessment for further instructions.
  3. Report the illness:
    1. Staff and full-time faculty are to report to their supervisor (Division Head for Human and Medical Sciences) via email or telephone. Supervisors must notify Human Resources when their employee has reported symptoms of COVID-19 if they were on campus within the last 5 days.
  1. Contact tracing is now everyone’s responsibility. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive on a COVID-19 test, tell your close contacts that they have been exposed. A close contact is:
    1. anyone you were less than two metres away from for a minimum of 15 minutes, or multiple shorter lengths of time; and
    2. Without personal protective equipment in the 48 hours before your symptoms began or your positive test result, whichever came first.
  2. Follow guidance from the COVID-19 Self Assessment for information on when your self-isolation period ends and you may return to campus.
    1. If you are eligible for a PCR test or a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is available to you: You may return to campus if a single PCR test, or two consecutive RATs, separated by 24-48 hours are both negative, AND you do not have a fever and your symptoms have been improving for over 24 hours (or 48 hours for GI symptoms).

COVID-19 Exposure Guidance

If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please follow guidance from the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.

While working on campus, if you are notified that you are required to self-isolate as a result of a close contact, please leave campus immediately and advise your supervisor. You may return to campus when your self-isolation period ends.

For further information, please see

NOSM University’s Vaccination Policy

In accordance with the advice of the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, effective May 1, 2022, NOSM University has paused its COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Staff, Faculty, Volunteers and Visitors and no longer requires proof of vaccination to enter NOSM U buildings. All employees are encouraged to receive their booster vaccine(s) before coming to campus to help protect themselves and those around them.

NOSM University’s Masks and Face Coverings Policy

To further support the health, safety, and well-being of those on campus, NOSM University’s Masks or Face Coverings Policy remains in effect until further notice. As such all individuals permitted to enter or remain in the indoor spaces of NOSM U, continue to be required to wear a mask or face covering in a manner that covers the mouth, nose, and chin without gaping.

Please review the Masks or Face Coverings Policy at the link provided below:

Masks and Face Covering Policy

  • Staff, Faculty & Learners to each receive two cloth face coverings (these will be distributed upon your return to campus)
  • NOSM also has disposable masks available if needed (contact NOSM Facilities at Individuals can also contact their Supervisor if other PPE is required
  • Details regarding face mask/covering use and care will be provided in the COVID-19: Returning to Campus training packag

Guidelines on National and International Travel

As the Government of Canada and the provincial governments continue to remove COVID-19 travel restrictions, NOSM U will now permit all necessary travel across Canada and to international destinations. Necessary travel could include (but not limited to): conferences, workshops and professional development activities. The supervisor of the individual traveling must confirm that the travel is necessary and ensure that funding is available for this purpose as NOSM U Finance has reduced the budget for travel across all NOSM U portfolios.

All international travel must have supervisor approval as travel disruptions may hinder learners’ and employees’ ability to carry out their work duties on or after the date of the scheduled return from travel. A plan to mitigate such potential issues must be in place before departure.

With the evolving characteristics of COVID-19 and emerging variants of concern, international travel may continue to be subject to significant disruptions, including enhanced screening and border measures that are suddenly put into force. It is critical that NOSM U employees and learners follow the Government of Canada travel directives, including reviewing Global Affairs Canada advisories, completing pre-departure/re-entry requirements, possible post-travel isolation/quarantine and reviewing insurance coverage, etc.

Given that a risk remains with international travel, NOSM U employees and learners must be aware of (and assume) these risks as they may impact on academic and employment obligations at NOSM University.

If you have any questions or require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact

Benefit Coverage

Canada Life (Great-West Life) coverage for Out-of-country medical emergency, travel assistance and disability coverage remain without change. Claims related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will be assessed based on the plan coverage like any other claim.

To find out what your plan covers, check your benefits booklet or visit GroupNet for plan members.

Canada Life Phone Number Updates

If you are travelling and need help during a medical emergency, Canada Life has simplified their emergency assistance phone numbers.If you’re travelling and need help during a medical emergency, contact our Travel Assistance provider using the new simplified phone numbers below. Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Canada or U.S.: 1-855-222-4051

Cuba: 1-204-946-2946*

All other locations:1-204-946-2577*

*Submit long-distance charges to Canada Life for reimbursement. If you use a TTY machine, call 1-800-990-6654.To download your updated benefits card with the new phone numbers, sign in to GroupNet for plan members or the GroupNet mobile app.For general questions about your out-of-country coverage or claims, contact 1-800-957-9777. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Laurie Twilley, Human Resources Coordinator (Payroll, Pension & Benefits) at 705-662-7138, or

Ordering Supplies for Home Use

While you are working from home, we recognize that you may require small amounts of office supplies to replenish items that have been depleted during this time. NOSM U will provide you with financial support to purchase office supplies. The attached document provides a list of the standard items typically provided in the business centres at NOSM U. NOSM Uwill also reimburse you for the purchases of ink toner that is being used on your personal printer at home.If you need to order any of the supplies listed in the attached document for use at home, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for products from an online supplier (Grand & Toy, Staples, Amazon etc.)
  2. Get total cost for order by putting items in ‘shopping cart’
  3. Save an electronic copy of the cart and forward to your supervisor for approval (cc.
  4. Once approval is received from your supervisor, proceed with the purchase and save all documentation electronically (order, proof of payment etc.)
  5. Submit all documentation along with a cheque requisition to Finance for reimbursement using the online expense reimbursement process

If you hold a NOSM U purchase card, orders can be paid for using the card and follow the regular process for purchase card reconciliation. Please note: Only Standard Office Supplies or personal printer toner will be reimbursed. Office equipment or furniture is not a reimbursable expense.If you have any questions or require additional information, please email

Technology for Working Remotely

The Information Technology Unit has developed several tips and resources to assist you in setting up web meetings, using Cisco Jabber for telephone calls, and how to log into our servers.To accommodate social distancing, the IT Unit will schedule equipment pick up (as needed) at various times of the day. Please refer to the following process:

  1. Complete a Helpdesk ticket submission form here to request equipment required offsite.
  2. IT will arrange a pickup time with the faculty or staff member for the following day.
  3. The assigned IT staff member will pack up the equipment, load it onto a cart, and prepare for pick up at the main entrance of the building (e.g. HSERC, MSE, ATAC, BSC, MSW).
  4. The IT staff member will meet the faculty or staff member in the lobby of the building at the scheduled pick-up time. (Please note that the IT staff member will be wearing gloves and a face covering. We ask that you also take protective measures against COVID-19 by following the advice provided by the World Health Organization).
  5. The IT staff member will wheel the cart out to the faculty or staff member’s vehicle. Each is expected to practice social distancing. The faculty or staff member will pack the equipment into their car, and return the cart to the lobby.
  6. The IT staff member will disinfect the cart for next pick-up.
  7. Once the equipment is at home, the faculty or staff member will call the IT Helpdesk to walk through set up/hook up.
  8. Please note that it will take two business days to facilitate equipment transfers. For additional IT support, please contact

Sudbury: 705-662-7120
Thunder Bay: 807-766-7500
Toll-Free in Canada: 1-800-461-8777 (then press 1, then 7)

For employees who live in the outlying areas of Sudbury and Thunder Bay, where internet access may be limited, please ask your supervisor to contact Steve Kelly, Director of IT, who can explore temporary Wi-Fi interventions for you.

A Note About Inclusivity

NOSM University is an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and treated with respect.

Be respectful and kind to one another and avoid speculating or stereotyping. Accurate information and wisdom should be guiding our actions in times of public health emergencies. Sharing inaccurate information or making prejudicial assumptions may hurt individual people and hinder appropriate processes. Remember we have zero tolerance for racist comments and actions. We encourage all to speak up to support learners, staff and faculty who encounter racism at any time.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, is being subjected to harassment, stereotyping or prejudicial assumptions, please contact the Office of Human Resources, at 705-662-7270.

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For working environment/sick leave, contact your direct supervisor cc.
For facility issues (e.g. PPE supplies, building access, etc.), contact your direct supervisor and cc.
For general concerns, contact

The scenario is rapidly evolving. All attempts are being made to provide as current information as possible.