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Information for Summer Studentship Program


Please refer to NOSM’s Response to COVID-19 site for all NOSM Summer Studentship updates.

For Agencies

Please be advised that Agencies can move forward with recruitment plans to have Summer Students in place as the Agency completes hiring for the 2021 Program Year.

NOSM will continue to monitor the status of the province and especially Northern Ontario. NOSM will reserve the right to change or update hiring dates or guidelines as needed.

Agencies will be notified of successful applications in early 2021. If the Agency feels that they have the capacity to hire a student, they may proceed with the recruitment process one successful applicants have been matched. During times of physical distancing, we do encourage you to conduct interviews over the phone, zoom or via other means. If your agency is unsure or feels that they may not be able to support a student placement for this year, please notify me so that proper updates can be made to our records.

For Applicants

Please review all relevant documentation on the NOSM Summer Studentship website and apply as usual in February 2021.