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Information for Visiting Learners

Thank you for your interest in selecting the NOSM University (NOSM U) for a visiting elective. As NOSM U continues to evolve through the pandemic, NOSM U’s Northern Electives Program (NEP) is beginning to re-open for visiting electives. Please see below for more information regarding Visiting PGME, Canadian UG or International UG electives available.

Visiting PGME (Resident) Electives

Currently, the NEP is open to Visiting Resident Electives applications. For residents seeking electives experiences in Northern Ontario please visit NOSM’s Medical Electives page.

Visiting Canadian Undergraduate Student (UME) Electives

Presently, Visiting Canadian UME Electives have re-opened as of September 01, 2022.

Learners from all of the Canadian Medical Schools/Universities can apply for visiting undergraduate medical electives by visiting the AFMC Portal or for more information visiting NOSM U’s Medical Elective website for more information on visiting electives.

Visiting International Undergraduate Student (UME-Int) Electives

At the moment, Visiting UME-Int Electives continue to be on pause until the Fall of 2023, NOSM U is anticipating to re-open International Electives for Undergraduate Medical Learners as of September, 2023; however, this projected start date is still subject to change.

We encourage international learners to continue to monitor the AFMC Portal for further information regarding formal information regarding the re-oppening of Visiting UME-Int Electives at NOSM U. Students will be guided to submit their elective applications through the AFMC Portal.

NOSM is, and our Northern communities are, looking forward to welcoming back all visiting students soon.

For any questions or additional information, please send your request to

Best regards,

Joël Leduc, Community Services, Manager