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The scenario is rapidly evolving, all attempts are being made to provide as current information as possible to all NOSM residents.

In order to enhance the safety of our learners throughout the pandemic, NOSM will adjust its current housing practices to address COVID-19 transmissibility concerns. During Step One or Two of the Government’s Reopening Ontario Plan, NOSM will assign one learner per unit, if appropriate and necessary. As long as Programs (including UME, PGME, Physician Assistant Program, Health Sciences Program, Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program, Visiting Residents, and Agreements) are permitted to conduct clinical placements, there is a likelihood that cohabitation is occurring within NOSM Housing, given the limited supply of housing. This can be considered a cause for concern as the numbers of positive COVID cases increase not only in Northern Ontario but also in all of Ontario.

With the COVID numbers rising and restriction measures from our communities continuing to be implemented, there is no way to properly or efficiently implement the self-isolation measures in NOSM Housing while maintaining the ability for learners to complete placements outside of their home base.

In order to help alleviate the number of learners sharing space in NOSM Housing and to make it safer for all learners performing placements in our NOSM communities, NOSM is temporarily implementing a COVID Housing Reimbursement option to find self-arranged accommodations