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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding admission to the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program (MD Degree).

Is the MCAT required?

No, the MCAT is not an admissions requirement for NOSM University’s UME Program. Any MCAT scores that are submitted as part of an application are not taken into consideration in the review of the application.

What is the average GPA of the students who are admitted to NOSM University’s UME Program?

Information regarding entering classes to NOSM University’s UME Program may be found on the Class Profiles page.

Is there an age limit for application to NOSM University’s UME Program?

No. There is no age limit for application to NOSM University’s UME Program.

Are there places reserved for students from Northern Ontario in the UME Program?

No. However, NOSM University has a mandate to prepare students from the north for careers in medicine. Applications from students who are from Northern Ontario and/or students who have a strong interest in and aptitude for practising medicine in northern urban, rural and remote communities are encouraged. While seats in the UME Program are not reserved for northern students, we are committed to maximizing the recruitment of these students.

I am not from Northern Ontario, should I still apply to the UME Program?

NOSM University’s UME Program looks for highly motivated students from a variety of backgrounds, who are self-directed, who will thrive in a small group- based, distributed learning environment, who have a genuine interest in helping us fulfill our mandate and who uphold our values.

The aim is to have class profiles which reflect the demographics of the population of Northern Ontario. It is the intention of NOSM University to maximize the recruitment of students who are from Northern Ontario and/or students who have a strong interest in and aptitude for practising medicine in Northern urban, rural and remote communities. We are also committed to recruiting Indigenous and Francophone students.

We are looking for a concrete, demonstrated interest in living and working in Northern Ontario, and/or other rural, remote or northern urban communities. Volunteer experience, work experience, extracurricular activities and research are all areas one can endeavour to demonstrate this interest. You have the opportunity to outlines these experiences in the autobiographical sketch.

The applications are initially screened and scored based on two (2) components: 1) the GPA and 2) context. It is based upon these two (2) elements that an invitation to interview at NOSM University is extended. Approximately 300 candidates are invited each year.

Should students interested in NOSM University’s UME Program be applying to Laurentian or Lakehead University for their pre-med qualifications?

Both Laurentian and Lakehead Universities offer a range of high quality university programs that would provide excellent preparation for admission to the medical school. Choosing a northern university for undergraduate studies might be one way that students can demonstrate their interest in studying and working in Northern Ontario. However, place of undergraduate studies is only one of many indicators of a student’s interest in the North.

Is there a limited number of spots available to ‘out of province’ applicants?

NOSM University’s UME Program does not have any “out of province” spots or quotas; however, we do accept out of province applications.

I attended CEGEP and then finished a degree at a university in Quebec. Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply to the UME Program if you have completed the DEC (diplome d’etudes collegiales) from Quebec (CEGEP) and a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Quebec (three (3) years of university after the DEC). Completion of the DEC and the three (3) years leading to a bachelor’s degree from a Quebec university are considered the equivalent of a four (4) year degree for the purposes of applying to NOSM University’s UME Program.

I completed some courses online – will they be included in the GPA calculation?

Yes, as long as the courses and/or degree program you are completing is from a recognized university.

Does NOSM University’s UME Program accept transfer or international students?

Due to the integrated nature of the curriculum, NOSM University’s UME Program cannot accept transfer students. If you are accepted to the medical school, you must complete the full four (4) years of the medical program.

NOSM University’s UME Program does not accept international students. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) to be eligible to apply.

My university degree program is a ‘transfer’ or collaborative program that combines community college credits with university degree credits. Will my college course credits be used in the calculation of my GPA for admission to the UME Program?

No, college credits will not be used. NOSM University’s UME Program requires the minimum completion of a four (4) year recognized university undergraduate degree. Only university degree level course credits are used in the calculation of the GPA. NOSM University recognizes the programming partnership and collaboration that exists between many universities and community colleges.

For those applicants whose four (4) year degree is completed through a transfer of credits from a college, they are required to have completed a minimum of ten (10) full course credits, twenty (20) half course credits or, a combination of at the university degree level at the time you apply.

Is my professional degree considered a graduate or undergraduate degree?

Professional degrees earned at Canadian institutions are generally considered undergraduate degrees. These degrees include education, engineering, law and veterinary medicine. Applications will be individually assessed upon application to NOSM University’s UME Program.