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On this page applicants will find important information regarding the requirements for both domestic (from Canada and the USA) transcripts and  international transcripts. Applicants should read this information carefully to ensure that their transcripts are submitted correctly by the application deadline.

NOTE: Failure to report any courses, programs, or grades on your academic record  will result in your application being disqualified.


Domestic Transcript (From Canada & USA) Requirements

Official transcripts are required for all post-secondary courses/programs that you currently attend, previously attended, or withdrew from. This includes:

  • University
  • Community College
  • Junior college
  • Graduate school
  • Any other postsecondary institution

We will only accept transcripts sent directly to OMSAS by the post-secondary institution(s). We will not accept transcripts sent by the applicant. Transcripts sent to NOSM University by the applicant will not be accepted and will be destroyed.

OMSAS must receive online transcript requests by the application deadline in order to meet the required transcript deadline.  Note: Transcripts do not always report the in progress or Winter courses that you are registered in. In this situation, you must arrange for the Registrar of the institution you attend to send a statement of registration and a list of courses to OMSAS by the application deadline.

OMSAS must receive transcripts and grades for courses taken on a “Letter of Permission” at another institution, or that transfer credit/advanced standing was granted for, by the application deadline. This applies to courses and terms/semesters of study taken abroad as a part of a regular program.

We do not require evaluations of work terms done as a part of a co-operative program.

If a transcript is updated during the application process, the applicant must have their updated transcript sent directly to OMSAS. Do not send it directly to NOSM University.

NOTE: Applicants can confirm receipt of the transcripts via OMSAS; if OMSAS has received the transcripts, then NOSM University has received them.

Transcripts from Ontario Post-Secondary Institutions

Transcripts from Ontario post-secondary institutions must be requested using the OMSAS online Transcript Request Form.

When requesting transcripts from an Ontario postsecondary institution using the OMSAS online transcript request, applicants must submit the form with the appropriate fees, unless otherwise noted in the Exceptions for Online Transcript Requests.

Transcripts from Post-Secondary Institutions Outside of Ontario

Applicants who attended post-secondary institution(s) outside of Ontario must have their institution(s) submit all of the required transcripts and registrar statements directly to OMSAS using the electronic Transcript Request Form, or by mail.

Applicants who do not use an online transcript request should order transcripts before September 15 of the application year to allow adequate processing time, and for OMSAS to receive them by the application deadline. Applicants should be prepared to send OMSAS a copy of all dated, posted receipts and correspondence related to their transcript request by the application deadline if required.

Applicants who receive an offer conditional upon completion of their undergraduate degree will need to submit proof of receiving their degree by providing a final undergraduate transcript to OMSAS by June 30 of the potential enrolment year.

In the event of a missing or late transcript, applicants will be required to provide evidence to NOSM University that they requested their transcripts in a timely fashion.

NOTE: OMSAS will ask applicants to verify their application data in the “Document Tracking” section of the OMSAS application.


Graduate Degrees

To be eligible for the addition of 0.2 to their GPA, applicants must meet one (1) of the following two (2) requirements:

1. Their graduate degree is conferred and OMSAS has received their final transcript by December 1 of the application year.

2. Their Registrar’s Office or Graduate Studies Office sends an official letter to OMSAS by December 1 of the application year stating that they have met all the requirements of their graduate degree and are eligible to graduate. The letter should be emailed to We will not accept any letters sent directly to us.

Please note that any offer of admission for those choosing option 2 would be conditional on the NOSM University Office of Admissions receiving an updated transcript via OMSAS by June 30 of the potential enrolment year.

Applicants will not receive the additional 0.2 for more than one (1) graduate degree.

To ensure compliance with the 3.0 cut-off, it is only after the initial GPA calculation that an additional 0.2 will be added to the undergraduate GPA.


International Transcripts – Credentialing International Grades Requirements

Applicants with international (non-Canadian and non-US) transcripts, including graduate work, must have their credentials assessed for Canadian equivalency by World Education Services (WES).

For applicants who are completing/have completed foreign coursework of two (2) semesters or less, a WES evaluation is not required. We will not include grades that you obtained during the two (2) semesters or less in the GPA calculation. In this case, however, the international university must send the transcript directly to OMSAS by the application deadline.

Credentialing assessment means converting international academic credentials into their Canadian educational equivalents. International transcripts must have a Canadian WES evaluation; the evaluation must include a program equivalency conversion, an overall grade point average conversion for each year of study, as well as a course-by-course conversion.

If an applicant has an international university education and meets the minimum academic degree requirement and course number requirement with Canadian or US undergraduate/graduate university degree level work, we will not use their international grades in calculating the GPA. These applicants are still, however, required to have their credentials assessed for Canadian equivalency by WES.

If an applicant’s World Education Services (WES) assessment includes a copy of their official transcript, they are not required to request a transcript from their registrar.

WES evaluation requests must be made before September 15 of the application year to allow adequate processing time and for OMSAS to receive them by the application deadline.

WES must send your WES report and a copy of your verified transcript directly to OMSAS by the application deadline.

Further information regarding WES and the credentialing process can be obtained by visiting the WES website.