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PARO Announces 2019 Award Recipients from NOSM

The Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) honoured NOSM faculty and learners at the 2019 PARO Awards Dinner on May 3, 2019, in Toronto. Congratulations to Dr. Frédéric Sarrazin, NOSM Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Program Director faculty and member, Dr. Vincent Le, NOSM resident, and Ms. Sarah Cannell, NOSM medical student. Award Details: Dr. Frédéric Sarrazin - 2019 Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award Recipient NOSM Faculty - Department of Family Medicine, NOSM Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Program Director The Clinical Teaching Awards acknowledge the essential role that good clinical teachers play...

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Dr. Aidan Wharton

When I graduated from Laurentian University’s undergraduate biochemistry program, I didn’t plan on going to medical school but I knew I wanted to work with and help people. I moved to Toronto to study to become a perfusionist*, but the more I learned about the cardiorespiratory system, the more I wanted to understand the bigger picture of health and disease. I applied to NOSM because I support its social accountability mandate and its values coincide with my own. My experiences in northern and rural communities while studying at NOSM opened my eyes to some of the challenges these communities face in health care and beyond. This tr...

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Dr. Kayla Berst on studying, working and living in the North

Dr. Kayla Berst I’m a graduate of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and a family physician in Northern Ontario. As a medical student, I experienced what it would be like to work in the North and most importantly learned about the specific health issues that may affect my patients here. NOSM is more than just a medical school; it exists because people like you, in communities like yours, believe that everyone—no matter where they live—deserve access to quality health care. Because of NOSM, my patients don’t have to travel to see a doctor. They have access to me—a homegrown health-care provider—in their own com...

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